NEW STUFF! As Of This Very Moment: 18:56:02 4/18/09 AD In the Year of Our Lord Blamanus Domingus


Recession who? Mass quantities of people out enjoying the delicious iced coffee and tank top weather in these parts. And lots giggles comin’ from that photobooth as usual. Check out all this yummy new stuff!

For one, lotsa new handmade cards, stationary and Little Otsu-y goodies. Middle o’ the year and you still don’t have a planner? No worries, buy one here and customize it with the date starting today. Fuck Filofax, do your own dating. Or whatever. There’s a joke in there somewhere.

Here’s other new stuff as this very moment:
PrOnnovation Pornography and Technological Innovation: monochroms Arse Elektronika Anthology by various (Re/Search) $24.99 – New Re/Search books are rare. Get this one before it goes outta print!
Boody The Bizarre Comics of Boody Rogers by Craig Yoe and Boody Rogers (Fantagraphics) $19.99
Mother Come Home by Paul Hornschemeier (Dark Horse) $22.99 – Reprinted hardcover graphic novel collection from local comics superstar. Its soft cover incarnation has been out of print until now!
Ho: the Morally Questionable Cartoons of Ivan Brunetti (Fantagraphics) $19.99 – The work of local artist Brunetti makes us cough on the food we’re eating, the operatve word here being gag. As in one panel! Gag! The joke is always funny when you have to explain it!
Bunny Yeagers Bouffant Beauties (Schifer) $24.99 – Yes!! As in the famous photographer’s photos of pin up cuties with awesomely bouffant-y hair. And strangely, a lot of them have big ariolas. Who knew? And who knows how to spell that?
Herbie Archives vol 3 by Shane O’Shea and illustrated by Ogden Whitney. (Dark Horse) $49.95  – Make way for the fat fury!
Clever Tricks To Stave Off Death Wondermark vol 2: A Bunch More Wondermark Strips by David Malki (Dark Horse) $14.95
Geek Monthly #27 May 09 $5.99
Conspiracy Journal #27 $3.00
High Times Jun 09 $5.99
Heeb #20 Spr 09 $5.99
New American Pin-Up Tattooed and Pierced by Brian Johnson and Valerie Stanton (Schiffer) $24.99
Supermen: The First Wave of Comic Book Heroes 1936-1941 by Greg Sadowski (Fantagraphics) $24.99
Chicago Crime Stories: Rich Gone Wrong by Bryan Alaspa (Schiffer) $14.99 – They don’t call us the windy city because o’ the wafting smell of cabbage. ‘Cause of our crime celebs, yo!
Lingerie: Two Centuries of Luscious Design by Norma Shephard (Schiffer) $29.95
Dawn Winter Journal with CD by Phil Elverum: December 2002 – March 2003 Finnkonevika, Kjerringoy, Norway (Buenaventura Press) $29.95 – Need to be seen to be believed. Beauty! Published by the publisher behind Kramer’s Ergot #7.
DIY Guide to Drums by Lisa Ann Schonberg $18.00
Disgusting Things: A Miscellany by Don Vorhees (Perigree) $12.95
Blank Spots On the Map The Dark Geography of the Pentgons Secret World by Trevor Paglen (Dutton) $25.95 – From the guy who did that awesome book of patches I Could Tell You But Then You Would Have To Be Destroyed By Me.
Black Velvet #60 $6.00
Famous Hairdos of Popular Music Vol 1 James Brown $2.00 – Hilarious mini comic!
Duplex Planet #184 $2.00 – Still goin’ strong in the 3 digits!
Blurt #6 by Lew Houston $1.00
Muse the News and the Noose #4 Sig Transit Gloria $1.00
Pry On Murmurs #2 by Evah Fan $5.00 – So dainty and beauooootiful.
Que(e)ry #2 Sex $2.00
I Could Walk Away and You Wouldn’t Care $75.00 – Photos of gay men’s apartments by Gregg Evans
Bottle Kit #2 by Gabe Holcombe $2.00
Aero Through the Ages by Hal Rammel $15.00 – A graphic novel published by the Chicago gallery folks Corbett Vs Dempsey!
Soft and Colorful Things Wth Sharp Teeth Poems For Terrible Children by Greg Condon $2.00 – Exactly what the title is! In color.
Reality Mom Vol 6 #2 Spr 09 $3.00 – Radical parenting zine.
Capricious #9 $19.00 – Fancy-pantsy photo mag.
Ritual Creatures 2008 by Col Williams E Porter $8.00
Kilter #3 Spr 09 $5.00 – Chicago goth mag.
Brains Brilliancy Bohemia Art and Politics In Jazz-age Chicago $8.00 – What a way cool researched zine. And nice and fat! You get what you pay for!
This Little Light of Mine: Novenas For You by Moe Bernstern of Xtra Tuf zine. $3.00 Also here from Moe: Second Set Out: Stories $3.00, various issues of Xtra Tuf, and then also from her!!: Xtra Tuf #5.5 Songs and Stories CD $10.00! It’s the Moe-verload!
33 1/3 Series: Neutral Milk Hotel’s In The Aeroplane Over The Sea by Kim Cooper (Continuum) $10.95
Perfect Mix Tape Segue #5 Sickness and Health by “Joe” (if that is Joe Biel’s real name, ha ha ha) $1.00
Snake Pit 2008 by Ben Snakepit (Microcosm) $5.00
CHIRP Jeffrey Brown Shirt $20.00 – Designed for the CHIRP record fair! Pretty nifty! And we have a whole mass of sizes.
In Search of the Lost Taste by Joshua Ploeg (Microcosm) $8.00 – Two words: Lavender soda. Who says vegans only eat grass?
Handbook vol 3 #2 2009 $6.00 – Let’s hear it for independently published porn!
Pinups #6 $14.00 – See above!
Comedians Apr 09 $4.50
Hi Fructose #11 $6.95
Encyclopedia of Cold War Espionage Spies and Secret Operations by Richard CS Trahair (Enigma) $29.00 – Oh that reference book you wanted about researching spec ops came in. Did you want me to put that on hold for you?
Visionary Field Guide to Mushroom Magick by various (including among others Erik Davis and Daniel Pinchbeck) (Abrams) $19.95 – Arty shrooms! What’s not to love?
Snuff by Chuck Palahniuk (Anchor) $13.95 – Sniff the Snuff out now in soft cover!
World War 3 Illustrated #39 Worldless Worlds $5.00
Kickass Kuties by Lisa Petrucci (Dark Horse) $22.95 – This lady in lowbrow art kickin’ some Kickass Kutie ass.
Baby Get Me Some Lovin and Baby Plan My Wedding, both by Lisa Brown (McSweeneys) $6.95 each – More o’ that Baby Do My Bidding series.
Art of Field Recording vol II CD Set (Dusttodig) $73.98
33 1/3 Series: Joy Division’s Unknown Pleasures by Chris Ott (Continuum) $12.95
33 1/3 Series: My Bloody Valentine’s Loveless by Mike McGonigal (Continuum) $10.95
Big Hands #7 by Aaron L Smith $2.00
Secret Temple: Masons, Mysteries, and the Founding of America by Peter Levenda (Continuum) $16.95
33 1/3 Series: Elliott Smith’s XO by Matthew LeMay (Continuum) $10.95
Also! Check out these CRAZY children’s books from Australian publisher Love Police!!:
M Is For Metal: The Loudest Alphabet Book On Earth $23.50
Never Mind Your Ps and Qs: Heres the Punk Alphabet $23.50
Both books by Paul McNeil and Barry Divola.
Wax Poetics #34 $9.99
Subway Art 25th Anniversary Edition by Henry Chalfant and Martha Cooper (Chronicle) $40.00 – Huge! Photos! Reprint! Exciting!
Meatpaper #7 Spr 09 $7.95 – Devoted to meat! Maybe buy it with a vegan cookbook in our DIY section?