New Stuff This Week and Hot Mini-Comix Display

A rainbow of fruit flavors. Alphabetized!

A rainbow of fruit flavors. Alphabetized!

Look! Neil did a bang-up job reorganizing the comics and even alphabetized them by artist, except for the above photo which is an informal “These Are Some Hot Ones You Should Totally Totally Totally Check Them Out” area. Now you know exactly what shelf you’ll find  Jerks In Space #1: Krackle.

You can find stuff now!

You can find stuff now!

Here’s new stuff for the week of 10/25/09-10/31/09:

Pinstriped Bloodbath, ed. by Jeff Zwirek $8.00 – Don’t miss the release event on 11/17 for this awesome anthology of (mostly) Chicago cartoonists writing about Chicago true (mostly) crime.

Formal Additive Programs by Nadine Y. Nakanishi $15.00 – Artist book from one half of the team of Sonnenzimmer Gallery, who created our most recent awesome window display.

Our Front Pages: The Onion 21 Years of Greatness Virtue and Moral Rectitude, ed. by Paul Williams (Simon) $28.00

Kids Go by They Might Be Giants and Pascal Campion (Simon) $19.99 – Includes Animated DVD.

Very Bad Wizard Morality Behind The Curtain: Nine Conversations by Tamler Sommers (Believer Books) $14.00 – As in from the McSweeney’s book magazine The Believer.

Butt by Will Self (Bloomsbury) $16.00 – Butt yes, you should buy it.

Illustration Now 3, ed. by Juluis Wiedemann (Taschen) $39.99

Studio Culture: The Secret Life Of The Graphic Design Studio by Tony Brook (Unit) $40.00

Do Androids Dream Of Electric Sheep #5 by Philip K. Dick and Tony Parker (Boom) $3.99

Freakangels vol 3 TPB by Warren Ellis and Paul Duffield (Avatar) $19.99

Key Moments from the History of Comics by Francois Ayroles (Beguiling) $10.00

Every Single Thought What I Think About Being Single by Corrine Mucha $5.00 – New work from a local Chicago mini-comix fave!

Freedom Rhythm and Sound Revolutionary Jazz Original Cover Art 1965 to 1983 by Gilles Peterson and Stuart Baker (Soul Jazz Publishing) $39.95

Pyramids Or Bright Future by Mike Slack (IcePlant) $30.00 – Photos from Mike Slack.

Naked Lunch 50th Anniversary Edition by William S. Burroughs (Grove) $24.00 – Fancy green hardcover with a cool box.

New Retro Classic Graphics: Todays Designs by Brenda Dermody and Teresa Breathnach (Thames) $45.00

Literary Hoaxes an Eye Opening History of Famous Frauds by Melissa Katsoulis (Skyhorse) $22.95

Salad Floss $4.00 – Waxed for your pleasure.

Guide to Picking Locks #1 – CrimethInc for your pleasure.

My Brain Hurts vol 2 by Liz Baillie $7.00

Crazy Wacky Theme Restaurants by La Carmina (Mark Batty) $24.95

Noir A-Z by Julian Hibbard (Mark Batty) $22.95 – That’s one mayhemic alphabet book.

Instructions For The Apocalypse by Rob Sweet and Tim Williams (Mark Batty) $24.95

Thirsty Day in Noah Ark by Jimenez Lai $3.00 – New mini-comic.

Graffiti Planet 2 More of the Best Graffiti From Around the World, ed. by KET (Michael OMara Books) $15.95

Skateboarders Start Up A Beginners Guide to Skateboarding (2nd ed.) by Doug Werner and Steve Badillo (Traacks) $13.95

Vegetarian Myth Food Justice and Sustainability by Lierre Keith (PM Press) $20.00

Diario de Oaxaca a Sketchbook Journal of Two Years in Mexico by PEter Kuper (PM Press) $29.95

Cult Magazines A to Z Compendium of Culturally Obsessive Curiosly Expressive…(Nonstop Press) $34.95

I Doll Life and Death with the New York Dolls Arthur Killer Kane (Chicago Review Press) $24.95

123 Chicago a Cool Counting Book by Puck and Kevin Somers (Duo Press) $8.95

Monocle vol 3 #28 Nov 09 $10.00

Panopticon #1: itachi and atsumaru $2.99

Mapping the Trail of a Serial Killer by B.R. Lewis (Lyons) $19.95

Bicycle Diaries by David Byrne (Viking) $25.95

Home Rockanomics: 54 Projects and Recipes for Style on the Edge by Heidi Minx (Thomas Dunne) $16.99

Do It Yourself Brain Surgery and Other Implausibly Titled Books by Joel Rickett (Bloomsbury) $12.95

Cassette From My Ex: Stories and Soundtracks of Lost Loves by Jason Bitner (S. Martin’s) $22.99 – Don’t miss Jason Bitner (from Dirty FOUND and FOUND Magazine, and oh! the photo book LaPorte, Indiana) at the Hideout on 11/9/09 where we’re selling books) with special guests from The Onion.

Che A Graphic Biography HC by Sid Jacobson and Ernie Colon (Hill and Wang) $22.00

Death and Art Europe 1200 to 1530 by Elanor Townsend (V and A) $22.50

33 1/3 Continuum Series: Brian Eno’s Another Green World by Geeta Dayal (Continuum) $10.95

Astor Hotel – Could You Hand me The Bible Please $2.00

Black Velvet #62 $6.25

Grime Time #1: Mario Desa Nola Cleans Chicago Gang Graffiti $6.00 – And boy do we have a bone to pick with graff blasters, what with them setting off our smoke alarm when they work nearby (for real).

Manifest Decadency by Chris McKay $2.00 – You are my decadency.