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Looping the Loop: A Horror Story by Four Typewriters With Assistance by Charles McKelvy $8

This Old Typewriter Typing Tales by Ronald J. Remington and illustrated by Lisa Quinlan Heibutzki and Charles McKelvy $20

Fluke #21 The Colossus Compendium $5

Cautionary Reflections by Leah Spears $4

Sad Unicorn by William J. O Brien $10


You Don’t Get There From Here issues #61-#63 Diary Comics by Carrie McNinch $4 each

Bottom’s Up! by Barbara Benas (Silver Sprocket) $9.99 – On sale 7/31!

CCC #1 Comics College Chicago – Introduction to Comics: A New Magazine of Comixschool USA Notes $10

Nonprose #2 by Kevin H. $5

Compost This Zine by Mel Dempsey, illustrated by Sean Dempsey $2.50

Graphic Novels

The Wendy Award by Walter Scott (Drawn & Quarterly) $22.95

La Arruga vol 1 by Jimena Lloreda Droz $24.99

Moomin Adventures: Book One by Tove & Lars Jansson (Drawn & Quarterly) $22.95

Braba: A Brazilian Comics Anthology edited by Rafael Grampa & Janaina de Luna (Fantagraphics) $29.99

The Nancy Show: Celebrating the Art of Ernie Bushmiller edited by Peter Maresca & Brian Walker (Fantagraphics Sunday Press Books) $22.99

Art & Design Books

Insectile Inspiration: Insects in Art and Illustration (Victionary) $45

Politics & Revolution Books

Capitalism: A Horror Story: Gothic Marxism and the Dark Side of the Radical Imagination by Jon Greenaway $14.95

Mutual Aid by Peter Kropotkin $18

Dynamite Nashville: Unmasking the FBI, the KKK, and the Bombers Beyond their Control by Betsy Phillips (Third Man Books) $21.95

Our History Is the Future: Standing Rock Versus the Dakota Access Pipeline, and the Long Tradition of Indigenous Resistance by Nick Estes (Haymarket) $20.95

Imaginary Power, Real Horizons: The Practicality of Utopianism by Richard Gilman-Opalsky (AK Press) $21

Burning Rage of a Dying Planet: The FBI vs. the Earth Liberation Front by Craig Rosebraugh (Microcosm Publishing) $19.95

Dismantling Mass Incarceration: A Handbook for Change edited by Premal Dharia, James Forman, Jr. & Maria Hawilo $20

Music & Film Books

1967: How I Got There and Why I Never Left by Robyn Hitchcock (Akashic) $26.95

Corpses, Fools and Monsters: The History and Future of Transness in Cinema by Willow Maclay & Caden Gardner (Repeater) $19.95


Unfuck Your Shame: Using Science to Accept Our Feelings, Resolve Guilt, and Connect with Ourselves by Faith G. Harper (Microcosm Publishing) $14.95

Utopian Witch: Solarpunk Magick to Fight Climate Change and Save the World by Justine Norton-Kertson (Microcosm Publishing) $19.95


Lo Fi: A Novel by Liz Riggs $29

The Body Harvest by Michael J. Seidlinger $17.95

On Strike against God by Joanna Russ, edited by Alec Pollak (Feminist Press) $17.95


County Highway vol 2 #1 July August 2024 $8.50

Chap Books & Lit Journals

Rotten Teeth Candy Heart by Halliday Carpender $5

Moss Piglet July 2024 The Dance Issue $12


Riso printed composition notebooks by Next Chapter Studio – various sizes!

Astrology Diary 2025 $22.95

Verso Radical Diary and Weekly Planner 2025 $19.95