Featured Book of the Day: The Human Pony by Rebecca Wilcox

Mistress Rebecca Wilcox “ponies” up her instructions to get your bio-horse on. Huh? Wha? Why that’s sexy equine role-playing to you and me. This guide for owners, trainers and admirers of bio-horses, as in like, a person dressing all sexy in horse gear like bridles, reins — the whole “bit” (har!!). Readers are also encouraged to take on the role of handler/trainer with whips, spurs or various other delightfully pervy options. There’s lots of ideas to run with here, depending on what your fetish is: on two legs, on four legs, in latex, in leather, with peacock feathers, bareback, you name it. Check out tons of pictures with AWESOME captions, like “Most ponies like to be groomed.” There’s also lots of nurturing in the instruction for this type of play, as in this indicative quote

“Think like a pony. When your friend, lover, play partner, submissive, masochist, or slave enters pony head space, he or she has literally become the pony, along with everything ponyhead means to them.”

Hear that? “Become the pony.” Yes! Did I mention that there’s lots of instruction for both the novice and experienced pony players? Oh yes, different options for gait, how to train, handling, scene development, inspiration techniques — no fucking around here. Illustrations too! There’s even a glossary if you want to make flashcards. Maybe you could make some? Practice quizzing with your parents under the holiday tree? Perhaps this would make a good gift for animal fans? To sex fans? To people who like to dress up as animals? To sex fans who like sex with other people dressed up like animals? So many options here. Get it before it gallops away!