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Poet Carrie McGath Reads From Her New Chapbook, Dollface: Poem-Songs 9/7

Sep ’17
7:00 pm

Carrie McGath’s new chapbook, Dollface: Poem-Songs (self-published), is comprised of lyrical strains representing conversations between Surrealist artists, Hans Bellmer and Unica Zürn. After studying the work of these artists and their tumultuous love affair that ended with Zürn jumping out of the window of Bellmer’s Paris apartment, these poem-songs started to come to life for McGath. In addition to the poems that make up Dollface, collage emerged as well as an amalgam of work by Bellmer and Zürn commingled with McGath’s.

“Dark, playful, and startling, these poems read like a lucid dream hovering at the edge of nightmare; no, not nightmare. Ecstasy. They feel their way around staircases, ribcage muscles, gray smoke, rolling pins – oh, the “hard, cold, beautiful” rolling pin. McGath invites us to the recesses wher  e bodies revise, scatter, retrograde, reify: ‘Touch,’ she writes, ‘Your hearts are hot.’ Indeed, there is much to feel, face, and reface in these irresistible pages.” –Kathleen Blackburn, Essayist and PhD in the UIC Program for Writers

Carrie McGath’s first collection of poetry, Small Murders (New Issues Poetry and Prose, 2006) was followed by several handmade chapbooks including So Sorry to See You Go and Ward Eighty-One. Her poems have appeared in journals such as The Chariton Review, Barrow Street, The Hiram Poetry Review, Nude Bruce Review, and others. She is currently a doctoral candidate in the Program for Writers at the University of Illinois at Chicago and is at work on her second full-length poetry collection, The Luck of Anhedonia. She is also an arts contributor to Chicagoist and  resides in Chicago.

For more info: carriemcgath.com

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Thurs, Sept 7th, 7pm – Free Event

Ice Box Press at Quimby’s!

Jan ’09
7:00 pm

Ice Box Press will hold a reading and book signing to celebrate the release of their inaugural chapbook, These Bones, Live! by Ryan Pendell. Joining Ryan Pendall for the reading will be Tara Walker and Erin Messer with a special sneak preview from their up coming chapbooks. Ice Box Press is housed at the School of the Art Institute of Chicago.

About the Performers:

Ryan Pendell’s poetry employs lyrical and melodic abandon, combining elements of childhood daydreams and philosophical discourse. Pendell is the founder and co-editor of Lark(!) Magazine (www.larkmag.com).

Tara G. Walker is a poet fascinated by word games and the visual possibilities of language, currently finishing her MFA in writing at the School of the Art Institute of Chicago. She works as a teaching artist with Urban Gateways and is the creator of the luckywhale jewelry line, available online at etsy.com.

E.C. Messer is a California native, like manzanita trees and purple sage.  She was born on a very rainy Sunday.  UCLA made her a Bachelor of Arts in Theatre…and The School of the Art Institute of Chicago is almost done making her a Master of Fine Arts in Writing.  She’s pretty sure both schools will either be very pleased or very sorry they did so.  Her parents’ bizarre sense of humor is probably the great gift of her life.  She suspects that you are delicious and would be glad to know you.