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The Gay Utopia

May ’08
7:00 pm

The Gay Utopia is an online symposium devoted to exploring that ideal realm in which gender, sexuality, and identity dissolve. It includes poetry, artwork, comics, personal essays, reviews, fiction, drama, slash, and more by Ursula K. Le Guin, Jennifer Baumgardner, Dame Darcy, Johnny Ryan, Ariel Schrag, Julia Serano, Michael Manning, Matt Thorn, Neil Whitacre, Edie Fake, and a host of other contributors.

The forum covers an enormous range of topics, from early animation to Restoration romance novels, from horror films to shojo manga, from the kinship structure of ferns to the relationship between men and trucks. Some highlights are:

–Scott Treleaven’s classic 1997 essay on an unusual use for the orgasm
–Tabico’s insect-sex-zombie apocalypse
–Paul Nudd’s vile recipes for chutney
— Kinukitty on why teenage girls need more manporn
–gay utopia questions answered by a Giant Squid.

Incidentally, this forum has a fair bit of explicit adult content. Please proceed with caution if that seems advisable. So in other words, the Gay Utopia has something for everyone. Please come by and check it out: The Gay Utopia

For this event Gay Utopia contributors will read essays, stories, etc. from the Gay Utopia website. There will also be a zine containing material from the website (including contributions from Ursula K. Le Guin, Johnny Ryan, Dame Darcy, Ariel Schrag, Edie Fake, Lilli Carré, and others.)

The Performers for this event will include:
Noah Berlatsky (critic),Bert Stabler (critic and artist), Paul Nudd (artist),Dewayne Slightweight (comics creator and artist), David Erik Nelson (official emissary of the Giant Squid)They will be reading content from the zine and website.