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Justin Maurer Reads From Seventeen Television with Cassandra Troyan and Dave Roche 2/19

Feb ’13
7:00 pm

In Justin Maurer’s new book Seventeen Television (Vol 1 Brooklyn), these mostly true stories ebb, flow and burn through heart breaking and illuminating moments in his life. Seven humor-filled tales delve into family crisis, dead-end jobs and international exploits. Through these lucid stories and their incendiary cast of characters, we follow him into equally dangerous and touching territory.

The work of Justin Maurer has been featured in such places as: The L.A. Record, Color Magazine, The Rumpus, Faster Times, Vice Spain, Maximumrocknroll, Razorcake and Vol 1. Brooklyn. He has been featured on podcasts and radio shows such as Life Before Wartime (KBOO), Cherry Blossom Clinic (WFMU) and Skid Row Radio. His first book, Don’t Take Your Life (Future Tense Books) received much critical acclaim. He has recorded and toured extensively with his punk bands Clorox Girls, Suspect Parts, LA Drugz and Maniac. He works and lives in Los Angeles.

Cassandra Troyan is an artist, writer, and filmmaker who is interested in getting blunted. She is the author of THRONE OF BLOOD (Solar Luxuriance 2013), and forthcoming in Fall 2013, The Things We Embody Are The Things We Destroy (Tiny Hardcore Press 2013). She curates the reading and performance series EAR EATER in Chicago, IL where she currently lives and works.

Dave Roche is the author of On Subbing and the zine About My Disappearance (among other things).

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Tues, Feb 19th, 7pm – Free Event