New Stuff This Week

Slingshot 2020 Organizers: Pocket Size $8, Large Spiral $16 – Various colors!

LiartownUSA’s Social Justice Kittens 2020 Calendar by Sean Tejaratchi $18

The New Woman’s Survival Catalog: A Woman-made Book by Kirsten Grimstad and Susan Rennie (Primary Information) $30 – At once practical and creative, this book was feminism’s Whole Earth Catalog.



Lullaby for the Drowned by Jonas $1

Cook Zine by Beau Campolo $8

Radix Media zines, $10 each: What You Call a Science Fiction Series by Germ Lynn, Hard Mother – Spider Mother – Soft Mother by Hal Y. Zhang & more.

Attential Cane – Twenty Six Dogs Found on Street View by Laurel Hauge $12

Antonia by JB $3

Lobster Quest by Daphne $5

Queer Sailors #5 Marine Biology $8

Comfort Zone by Annie Leue $4

Comics & Minis

Coin Op by Maria & Peter Hoey: #8 Infatuation $19.95, #11 Karl Marx Bolan (Spaceball Ricochet Alt Take) $8

Kids With Guns by Alex Nall $8

Bubbles #4 An Independent Fanzine About Comics and Manga $6

Ghosts Who Know People I Know #3 & #4 by Kaitlin Martin $17 each

All Time Comics Zerosis Deathscape #4 by Josh Bayer and Josh Simmons $4.99

Daikaiju Team Alpha by JB Roe $10

Stripburger #73 $10

Rude Panda by Dave Cramske $5

In Jest by Quinn Koeneman $19.99

Graphic Novels

The Envious Siblings: and Other Morbid Nursery Rhymes by Landis Blair $20 – Don’t miss Landis here net week with Eddie Campbell on Tues, October 8th!

The Best American Comics 2019 edited by Jillian Tamaki & Bill Kartalopoulos $25

Qualification by David Heatley $26.95

Commute: An Illustrated Memoir of Female Shame by Erin Williams $24.99

Revenger and the Fog by Charles Forsman (Bergan Street Comics) $18.95

Check Please Book 1 Hockey by Ngozi Ukazu $22.50

Flaming Carrot Comics Omnibus by Bob Burden $24.99

Grease Bats by Archie Bongiovanni $19.99

Girl Town by Casey Nowak $19.99

Return to Romance: The Strange Love Stories of Ogden Whitney edited by Dan Nadel & Frank Santoro (New York Review Comics) $19.95

Beasts of Burden Volume 2: Neighborhood Watch by Evan Dorkin & friends $29.99

Politics & Revolution

Luigi Galleani: The Most Dangerous Anarchist in America by Antonio Senta (AK Press) $18

The Little Book of Queer Icons: The inspiring true stories behind groundbreaking LGBTQ+ icons by Samuel Alexander $9.99

So You Want to Talk About Race SC by Ijeoma Oluo $16.99

Art & Design Books

Godless Utopia: Soviet Anti-Religious Propaganda edited by by Roland Elliott Brown, Damon Murray & Stephen Sorrell (Fuel) $34.95

Tree of Life by Tim Biskup $35

Daniel Champion Drawings by Shelf Shelf $15

Music / Film / Media

Face It: A Memoir by Debbie Harry $32.50

Disgraceland: Musicians Getting Away with Murder and Behaving Very Badly by Jake Brennan $28

The Song of the Machine: From Disco to DJs to Techno, a Graphic Novel of Electronic Music by David Blot & Mathias Cousin (Black Dog & Leventhal) $24.99

Disasterama!: Adventures in the Queer Underground 1977 to 1997 by Alvin Orloff $16

Downtown Pop Underground: New York City and the literary punks, renegade artists, DIY filmmakers, mad playwrights, and rock n roll glitter queens who revolutionized culture by Kembrew McLeod $17 – Now in soft cover.

Movies (And Other Things) by Shea Serrano & illustrated by Arturo Torres $25

Hardcore Fanzine – Good and Plenty 1989-1992 (Draw Down Books) $25

‘Til Wrong Feels Right: Lyrics and More by Iggy Pop $35

Outer Limits

The Ghost: A Cultural History by Susan Owens $19.99


Hex Life: Wicked New Tales Of Witchery edited by Christopher Golding $24.95

Imaginary Friend by Stephen Chbosky $30

Killing Commendatore: A Novel by Haruki Murakami $17 – Now in soft cover.


Adbusters #146 $14.95

Uppercase #43 $18

Tape Op #133 oct nov $5.99

Lit Journals & Poetry

N+1 #35 Fall 19 $14.95

Water the Plants While I’m Away by Emma Debono $16

Coffee People Zine #6 $15


Phile, The International Journal of Desire and Curiosity #4 Predicaments $23

Flashland vol 1 #5 Abortion – A Mini Guide $8