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Zine, Lose, or Draw!: A Chicago Zine Fest Game Show Hosted by Neil Brideau, at Quimby’s 3/8

Mar ’13
9:30 pm


“Zine, Lose, or Draw!” is CZF’s own take on beloved gameshow “Win, Lose, or Draw!” Teams will compete in this Pictionary-style game with a self-publishing theme. Be a part of the action by joining a team or cheer from the audience. Fun for everyone!


“Zine, Lose, or Draw!” will be hosted by Quimby’s very own Neil Brideau, co-organizr of Chicago Alternative Comics Expo (CAKE) and creator of Oh Boy! Comics.


“Zine, Lose, or Draw!” is a part of Chicago Zine Fest 2013 taking place March 8-9 at various Chicago locations. CZF is an independent event creating an outlet for small press and independent publishers to showcase their work.


For more info: chicagozinefest.org