Daily Archive for August 16th, 2007

Quimby’s Bestseller List for Aug 5th-11th

Look! It’s Quimby’s Best Sellers For The Week of Aug 5th – 11th!

Want to know what’s cookin’ in the world of this independent bookstore?
These items reflect what topics our customers are interested in. And
evidently they are interested in both learning how to be funny and learning
about female serial killers.

1. Chuck Klosterman IV – by Chuck Klosterman $15.00 (Simon & Schuster)

2. Comedy By the Numbers – by Eric Hoffman and Gary Rudoren $14.00

3. Book Bindery zine $1.00

4. East Village Inky #34 zine – by Ayun Halliday $3.00

5. Female Serial Killers – by Peter Vronsky $16.00 (Penguin)

6. Or Else #2 Gloriana with Glenn Ganges by Kevin Huizenga (Drawn &

7. Tape Op #60 $4.50

8. Constant Rider Omnibus vol 1 Stories From the Public Transportation Front
by Kate Lopresti $3.50 (Microcosm)

9. Doris #23 zine by Cindy Crabb $1.50

10. Butt #19 Amazing Magazine for Homosexuals $8.95