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Thursday!!! LIVE at Quimby’s!!!




Thursday, August 30 at 7:00

Loaded Blanks presents a Comic Art Battle!

To celebrate the release of Loaded Blanks Greetings series two, Loaded Blanks and Quimby’s will host a “Comic Art Battle,” featuring several of the artists and creators behind the new line of cards. A cross between “Win, Lose or Draw”, “Whose Line is it, Anyway?”, and Professional Wrestling, the “Comic Art Battle” pits the comic book world’s most talented creators, writers and artists against each other in a clash of lightning-quick wits and superior spontaneous draftsmanship!

Featured Performers / Combatants: Lilli Carre (Tales of Woodsman Pete, Deep Sea Diving), Grant Reynolds (To The Mouth Of The Source, Tales of Achilles), Laura Park (Loaded Blanks illustrator) and Ezra Claytan Daniels (The Changers, Loaded Blanks illustrator and co-owner).

Quimby’s Top 10 Selling Titles for August 19th-26th 2007

Not to be confused with the Top 10 Valedictorians…

Top 10

1. Butt #20 Fantastic Magazine for Homosexuals $9.90

2. No One Belongs Here More Than You by Miranda July $23.00 (Scribner)

3. Punk Planet #80 $4.95

4. Crap Hound #6 $12.00

5. Abolish Restaurants $5.00

6. XXX Scumbag Party vol II of the Collected Angry Youth Comix by Johnny Ryan $18.95 (Fantagraphics)

7. The Baffler #17 $10.50

8. Sin in the Second City: Madams Ministers Playboys and the Battler for Americas Soul by Karen Abbott $25.95 (Random House)

9.  Beautiful Decay issue T $5.95

10. Believer #46 $8.00

It’s Our Wishy-Washy Book Sale

book sale book sale book sale

An embarrassment of excellent, dirt-cheap sale books hit the shelves this week. And I do mean excellent — there’s not a single Dick Francis snoozer in sight. Here’s a quick sampling of the riches…

  • All Yesterday’s Parties: The Velvet Underground In Print, by Clinton Heylin
  • Suicide: No Compromise, by David Nobakht
  • Hot and Cold, by Richard Hell
  • Seymore Chwast’s graphic designer must-have, The Push Pin Graphic
  • Amnesia Moon, Jonathan Lethem’s first and most PKD-ish novel,
  • The Other Hollywood, Legs McNeil’s oral history of the porn industry
  • Punk Rock Aerobics, Richard Simmons’ tell-all biog (not really)
  • Chicago’s Dive Bars

There’s lots more greatness, too much to list here. So stop by the store and check it out, already.

New Stuff 8/25/07

Well the storms have stopped and we are still here! A tad damp but no worse for wear. School is about to be back in session so tons of collegiate minds are browsing the shelves as I type this. Dudes this is your chance to meet a woman into Phillip K. Dick…and not just in a chat room, I’m talking real life. So practice those coy looks in the mirror and if you can figure out how to flip the pages of an issues of Optic Nerve with sex appeal then you are money! Anyway enough pick up tips for geeks lets get to the new stuff!!!!!!

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Giant Sof’Boy

Press Pop just released a giant Sof’Boy doll. It’s as tall as 7 packs of Marlboro Menthols, and it’ll set you back about 3 cartons.