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Nate Powell Event

Oct ’08
7:00 pm

Join Nate Powell as he reads his new book Swallow Me Whole.

SWALLOW ME WHOLE is a love story carried by rolling fog, terminal illness, hallucination, apophenia, insect armies, secrets held, unshakeable faith, and the search for a master pattern to make sense of one’s unraveling. Two adolescent stepsiblings hold together amidst schizophrenia, obsessive compulsive disorder, family breakdown, animal telepathy, misguided love, and the tiniest nugget of hope that the heart, that sanity, that order itself will take shape again

Porn & Pong with author Damon Brown

Oct ’08
7:00 pm

McDonald’s has Fast Food Nation, the fish industry has Cod, but no book has successfully weaved the cautionary tales and humorous history of the world of video games into our modern society… until now. In Porn & Pong: How Grand Theft Auto, Tomb Raider and Other Sexy Games Changed Our Culture journalist Damon Brown spent five years exploring how the $20 billion video game industry traces our evolution in sexual mores, technological dependence and personal interaction.

The VCR and the dawn of the modern porn industry parallels the first Atari systems, Reality TV skyrocketed the same year as The Sims, and the surgically-endowed Pamela Anderson was only outshined by one other woman: Lara Croft. In one of the most stimulating moments, Brown examines Presidential hopeful Hillary Rodham Clinton’s 2005 tirade against Grand Theft Auto, and how politics, hidden agendas and financial pressure affect all controversial art forms. “From TiVo to Google to, technology is now part of our everyday lives,” Brown says. “Technology is officially sexy now.”

Fans of pop culture, technology and modern sexual history will be addicted from page one. Author and regular CNN tech correspondent Scott Steinberg calls it “A stimulating look at two of today’s most controversial subjects,” while Playboy Senior Editor Scott Alexander says “…Brown shows the pivotal role erotic content has played in the evolution of this new medium, as well as the furor and controversy it inevitably stirs up.”

Author Damon Brown covers sex, music and technology, but he is first and foremost a pop culturist. A Northwestern grad, he regularly contributes to Playboy, SPIN, the New York Post, Inc., AARP The Magazine and Family Circle. Damon also writes the Inspector Gadget column for PlanetOut, the largest gay and lesbian website.

An in-demand tech commentator, Damon has been interviewed on CNN, NPR, G4 and BBC World, and has spoken at several conferences including the American Society of Journalists and Authors, the National Lesbian and Gay Journalist Association and Chicago Magazine Writers One-on-One. In 2006 he helped moderate the first annual sex in video games conference in San Francisco. Porn and Pong: How Grand Theft Auto, Tomb Raider and Other Sexy Games Changed Our Culture, is being released by critically-acclaimed indie publisher Feral House.

Porn & Pong Website

French Milk author Lucy Knisley

Oct ’08
7:00 pm

Join Chicagoan Lucy Knisley to celebrate the release of  FRENCH MILK. She will present and discuss some of her comic work and also sign copies of her book.

With the sights and smells of Paris floating off the pages, FRENCH MILK is a witty graphic travelogue that documents six weeks that the 23 year old author and her mother spent living together in Paris. Through drawings, photographs and musings, Lucy takes readers on a journey that begins in Chicago and continues through Parisian sites both on and off the beaten path – from flea markets and comic shops to cemeteries, museums and cafes. A passionate foodie, Lucy’s story is infused with savory illustrations and descriptions of the authentic Parisian food she quickly grew to love… croissants, cornichons, chocolate mousse, and of course, that fabulous French Milk!

Lucy is a recent graduate of the School of the Art Institute of Chicago. She currently attends the prestigious graduate program at The Center for Cartoon Studies and is the winner of The Center’s Diamond in the Rough Scholarship.

Trevor Alixopulos and Laura Park Sign Comics at Quimby’s!

Oct ’08
7:00 pm

Come celebrate the release of Trevor Alixopulos’ 2008 Ignatz Award nominated graphic novel, The Hot Breath of War by Sparkplug Comic Books, with some of Chicago’s finest emerging cartoonists.   Join Trevor’s friends and fellow 2008 Ignatz Awards nominees Laura Park and Jeremy Onsmith for a signing to celebrate the release the Hot Breath of War.

The Hot Breath of War explores love amidst conflict and the seduction of violence itself. Trevor lives and draws in Santa Rosa and is also the author of Mine Tonight (also by Sparkplug Comic Books). Old school Quimby’s heads might also remember Quagga?

Laura Park has done illustrations for The Reader, Asthmatic Kitty Records and many others. Her mini comic Do Not Disturb My Waking Dream is available now.

Jeremy Onsmith is crazy! We wish he did more minis!!!!

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