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Ice Box Press at Quimby’s!

Jan ’09
7:00 pm

Ice Box Press will hold a reading and book signing to celebrate the release of their inaugural chapbook, These Bones, Live! by Ryan Pendell. Joining Ryan Pendall for the reading will be Tara Walker and Erin Messer with a special sneak preview from their up coming chapbooks. Ice Box Press is housed at the School of the Art Institute of Chicago.

About the Performers:

Ryan Pendell’s poetry employs lyrical and melodic abandon, combining elements of childhood daydreams and philosophical discourse. Pendell is the founder and co-editor of Lark(!) Magazine (

Tara G. Walker is a poet fascinated by word games and the visual possibilities of language, currently finishing her MFA in writing at the School of the Art Institute of Chicago. She works as a teaching artist with Urban Gateways and is the creator of the luckywhale jewelry line, available online at

E.C. Messer is a California native, like manzanita trees and purple sage.  She was born on a very rainy Sunday.  UCLA made her a Bachelor of Arts in Theatre…and The School of the Art Institute of Chicago is almost done making her a Master of Fine Arts in Writing.  She’s pretty sure both schools will either be very pleased or very sorry they did so.  Her parents’ bizarre sense of humor is probably the great gift of her life.  She suspects that you are delicious and would be glad to know you.

Lilli Carré at Quimby’s!

Jan ’09
7:00 pm

Join Lilli Carré as she signs copies of her new graphic novel The Lagoon. She will also sell prints and various little handmade book items. Refreshments will be served!

In The Lagoon, a family is seduced by a mysterious creature’s siren song that can be heard emanating from the lagoon after dark, and how each member reacts to the song in The Lagoon is the crux of the story. For the wise — or pixilated — Grandpa, the song reminds him that, in the time he has left, he must pause to respect, appreciate, and fear nature. The song hints at something that Zoey, the daughter, is too young to fully grasp. And the song lures the sexually frustrated mother, and eventually, her husband, into danger… Carré experimented with nib pens and brushes while drawing this black-and-white graphic novel, giving the art a different feel from her previous, Eisner-and-Harvey-Award-nominated story, Tales of Woodsman Pete. The Lagoon was influenced by the films Creature from the Black Lagoon and Night of the Hunter, but reads more like the gothic, family narratives of Flannery O’Connor or Carson McCullers. Rhythms — Grandpa’s taps, the ticking of a metronome — are punctuated by silences that pace this “sound”-driven story. Older teen and adult readers are invited to imagine the enigmatic creature’s haunting, ever-shifting tune as it reverberates through weedy waters, eventually escaping the lagoon to creep into windows at night.

Lilli Carré was born in 1983 in Los Angeles and currently lives and works in Chicago, making animations, illustrations, and comics. Her animated films have shown in various festivals in the US and abroad, including the 2007 Sundance Film Festival, and her previous book of comics Tales of Woodsman Pete is a collection of her stories surrounding a hermit who’s slowly losing his wits.

Visit her at

Jo Dery at Quimby’s!

Jan ’09
7:00 pm

Join us for an evening of storytelling! Come see short animations, hear live radio plays, check out zines and books from the Ocean State, lil’ Rhody! Jo Dery will show several short animated films and Walker Mettling will read and perform stories and radio plays from the new audio issue of his zine “The Sparkle.” Get your hands on the recently published book by Jo Dery, titled Quietly Sure – Like the Keeper of a Great Secret (Little Otsu, publisher).

About the performers:

Jo Dery lives and works in Providence, Rhode Island, where she makes drawings, prints and short films. Quietly Sure – Like the Keeper of a Great Secret is her first published book. She self-published little books under the series name Plant Life for Human Lesson, and her drawings have appeared in Paper Rodeo, Lumpen and the SPX Anthology.
New book from Little Otsu

Walker Mettling is a Bay Area native who makes zines of collected stories; stories that come to him by postcard, email, and telepathy. He currently lives in Providence, Rhode Island.

THE2NDHAND #30 Release Party

Jan ’09
7:00 pm

We convene for the release of the 30th installment of THE2NDHAND’s broadsheet series, marking the magazine’s ninth anniversary and eighth year of hosting Quimby’s events, coincidentally, for which opportunity we are always grateful, if not quite gracious in our gratefulness at all time. Yes, there were pork chops involved, unfortunately, at one time.

THE2NDHAND No. 30 features the “Gives Birth to Monsters” short by Spencer Dew, a tale of one man’s small heartbreak, the backdrop to a contemporary landscape of well-meaning but ultimately shallow political activism, fractured communicative lines, and more ultimately enduring drives toward total inebriation. In classic Dew fashion, he’ll have you laughing all the way to brink of the void.

The issue also features excerpts from THE2NDHAND’s David Foster Wallace collaborative mini-tribute by THE2NDHAND editor Todd Dills and Bellingham, Wash.-based Doug Milam, author of our 27th broadsheet. Chicago editor C.T. Ballentine hosts this release event, featuring Dew, THE2NDHAND contributors Jill Summers and Y.Z. Chin, and Ballentine himself. This event is supported in part by Poets & Writers Event Grant Program by a donation from an anonymous donor.

The Performers:

Spencer Dew is the author of the short-story collection Songs of Insurgency (2008) and much else besides — he’s a prolific contributor to many literary venues, including THE2NDHAND’s online magazine,

Jill Summers’ audio fiction has been featured internationally by Chicago Public Radio, the Third Coast International Audio Festival, and New Adventures in Sound Art. Her work has appeared in Stop Smiling Magazine, Ninth Letter, VAIN magazine, littleBANG, Gapers Block, Annalemma, and The 2nd Hand, where she’s a somewhat frequent contributor. She is the author of three collections of audio shorts, Cohabitation, Les Petites Tristes, and In The Realm of Normal Sized Things.

Y.Z. Chin lives and writes in Chicago, is a former editor with Rhino Magazine and studied writing at Northwestern University.

C.T. Ballentine studied down on Iron St. under the tutelage of Nova Capone, or Eric Graf, as he is sometimes known. His acumen, in so many respects, is world renowned.