New Stuff 1/24/09

Wow it’s a lowbrow art book explosion over here. Tons of new stuff on contemporary surrealism and general wackiness flooded the new table this week. Perfect inspiration if you’re locked in your home working on art this winter season. We also just received a bunch of amazing sale books, so the sale shelves are bursting with great deals for all you ballers on a budget!

New Stuff Jan 24th 2009

Bust Feb Mar 09 $4.99 All the single ladies! Pick your mag up!
Wad #39 Dictionary Issue $19.95 Fashion for the kids
Wallpaper Feb 09 $9.50
Juxtapoz #97 Feb 09 $5.99
IdN Vol 15 #6 $15.00
Harpers Magazine Feb 09 $6.95
XLR8R #124 $6.99
Black Velvet #59 $6.00
Mamaphiles #3 $6.00
Reality Mom Vol 6 #1 Win 09 $3.00
Say To These Bones Live by Ryan Pendell $4.00
Pieces of Shedu by Kristiana Colon $4.00
Dood by Aj Purdy $8.00 Cool artist zine from Islands Fold
Cocoon by Doodles $7.00 Cool artist zine from Islands Fold
Of Shunga & Monsters by Howie Tsui $7.00 Cool artist zine from Islands Fold
This Is The Smoke That Is Inside You by Nathaniel Russell $7.00 Islands Fold!
Discourse by Luke Ramsey and Andrew Neyer $30.00 Sweet Artist Zine!
Functional Interface Concepts $3.00 Designers a zine for you
Idiot Very Best of 1998 thru 2008 $1.50

Comics & Graphic Novels
Capacity by Theo Ellsworth $15.00 Theo used to do cool minis good to see his book!
Comics Journal #295 Jan 09 $11.99
Wormwood Gentleman Corpse Birds Bees Blood and Beer $19.99
Hot Shower #8 $2.00
Milky Boots #6 Fall 2008 Diary $2.00 Diary comics for the fans
Potato Face $4.00

New Books
Tree Show by Mark Ryden $40.00 New Ryden! You know what happens if you wait!
Banksy Locations & Tours $20.00 Where in London to see his work on the walls!
Flowers of Evil by Charles Baudelaire $15.95 New Edition
Knowledge Comes With Gas Release by Gary Baseman $39.95
In The Land Of Retinal Delights $29.95 Juxtapoz Factor in contemporary art
Gilded Palace of Sin $10.95 33 1/3 take on the Flying Burrito Brothers
Carnivora by Les Baranys $29.95 Dark Art of Automobiles
Supply And Demand Art Of Shepard Fairey $59.95 20th Ann Edition
Metamorphosis 2 $39.95 50 Contemporary Surreal Fantastic and Visionary Artists
So Good for Little Bunnies by Brandi Milne $19.95 for adults and kids
Whimsical Work of David Weidman and Also Some Serious Ones $34.95
Simply Packaging $39.95 by Victionary
Charles Harpers Birds & Words $27.95 Wonderful Timeless Illustrations
Order of the Odd Fish by James Kennedy $15.99 Crazy book for crazy kids and adults
Free Font Index 1 $36.99
Bay Area Graffiti $45.00 Breading ground for wild graff styles gets its own book
For Members Only $18.95 History and Guide to Chicago’s Oldest Private Clubs
Golden Age of Chicago Children’s Television $17.95
Cell Hell $14.50 55 Cell Phone Users You’d Like to Silence

Erotica Porn Comics and Smut
For Lonely Adults Only #3 Win 08 $5.00

Pitchfork 500 $16.00
Omnivores Dilemma $16.00 Can’t keep the Pollan in stock?!?!
More Information Than You Require by John Hodgman $25.00
Wordy Shipmates by Sarah Vowell $25.95
French Milk by Lucy Knisley $15.00
New Kings of Nonfiction edited by Ira Glass $15.00
Female Serial Killers $16.00 How and Why Women Become Monsters
Sex Drugs and Cocoa Puffs SC $14.00
Walking Dead Collections!
Y the Last Man Collections!
World War Z SC $14.95