Featured Book of the Day: Burning Angel: Photographs By the Lovely Brenda

Burning Angel is a sexy photo book evolved out of the website founded in 2002 burningangel.com, a site devoted to punk-inspired erotic photos and hardcore videos as well as record reviews and interviews. The photographer, Brenda Staudenmaier (also known as the ), uses brick walls, rooftops, subway stations and the like of New York City as her backdrop. Tattoos, glasses, mohawks, colored hair, gym shoes, guitars, pierced body parts — True, it’s kind of SuicideGirls-y, but tattoos and rock star hair on naked ladies can be sexy. You just can’t get enough o’ that! To see the photos on both burningangel.com or suicidegirls.com you have to pay a few bucks a month, but with either of the books you can see it for free (that is, once you buy the book) any time you want without the internet. Also, not unlike going to see a roller derby bout, there’s lots of opportunities to pick up some good fashion tips. Oooo! Black and magenta-striped leggings with sparkly gold high heels. I am SO there.