New Stuff 2/21/09

Well its back to snow again in Chicago, but don’t let that get you down cause as always we got a hot bunch of new stuff in the store this week and tonight we even have an old school zine reading going down for free. So put on those boots pick up a cup of coffee and come hear some funny stories and hang out. Yes!

New Stuff Feb 21st 2009

Social Anarchism #42 $6.00
Giant Robot #58 $4.99
Annalemma #4 $10.00
Avery #4 Anthology of New Fiction $10.00
No Better Than Apples #5 $2.00
Spank #10 Homo Art Zine $5.00
Big Mag #3 Polytopia $30.00 Crazy Euro Art Mag with Posters and Picture Disc!
Learning Good Consent $3.50
Coffee & Sex $5.00
Fader #60 Mar Apr 09 $5.99
Geek Monthly #25 Mar 09 $5.99
Maximumrocknroll #310
Juxtapoz #98 Mar 09 $5.99
Raw Vision #65 $14.00

Comics & Graphic Novels
Laugh Out Loud Cats Sell Out $12.95 LOL Cat Speak Meets Hobo Comics
Johnny Boo Twinkle Power by James Kochalka $9.95
Heavy Metal Spr 09
Ballad of Toby & Sara Track 1-4 $12.00
Comics Study Reader $25.00 Essays for Hardcore Nerds
Sequential Art Anthology 2008 $9.95 New From SCAD

New Books
Punk Rock Fun Time Activity Book by Aye Jay $9.95
Who Would Buy This $24.95 The Archie McPhee Story
Little People in the City
$14.95 The Street Art of Slinkachu
I Wouldn’t Start From Here by Andrew Muller $16.95
All in a Day by Cynthia Rylant $17.95 Illustrated by Nikki McClure
Textile Designers at the Cutting Edge $35.00
Marijuana Home Growers Manual $20.00
Last Days by Brian Evenson $12.95

Erotica Porn Comics and Smut
Two Knotty Boys Back on the Ropes $22.00 New How to With Lots of Pics
AG #98 Super Erotic Anthology Comic $4.99
Erotic Comics 2 $29.95 Graphic History from the Liberated 70s to the Internet
Spank #10 Homo Art Zine $5.00

Rich Tradition of Magic DVD from TV Carnage $25.00
Grow an Environmentally Friendly Book $16.95
Red Ruled Notebook Moleskine $12.00
Bacon Beans $4.99 Bacon Flavored Jelly Beans
Temporary Tattoos for Wimps $7.50