New Stuff 3/14/09


We’ll forgive you if the hordes of weekend warriors drunk on the perfume of light beer and greased up in shamrock green have you too scared to leave the house! But for the brave souls that do venture out, with great risk comes even greater reward! So put on your rain boots avoid the green puddles and come get those goods: including a new issues of Cinema Sewer, a nice new book of Basil Wolverton’s bible illustrations, and much more.

New Stuff Mar 14th 2009

Cinema Sewer #22 $4.00 NEW ISSUE!!!! We all puke!! Yes!!!
Dear Mr. Bougie The Cinema Sewer Book Dedications $4.00
Bizarre #146 $10.50
Comedians Mar 09 $4.50
Hot Food #2 $3.00
Monocle vol 3 #21 Mar 09 $10.00
Shindig Vol 2 #8 Jan Feb 09 $9.99
Purple Fashion Vol 3 #11 $35.00 Expensive zine all the “starving” art kids buy?

Comics & Graphic Novels
Perry Bible Fellowship Almanack $24.95
Be A Nose $29.00 Three Sketchbooks by Art Spiegelman
Scott Pilgrim Vol 5 Vs The Universe $11.95 Yes, we know they are making it a movie!
Black Jack Vol 3 by Osamu Tezuka $16.95
Humbug by Harvey Kurtzman $60.00
Sam’s Strip by Mort Walker $22.99 The comic about comics
Wolverton Bible $24.99 Wolverton draws the bible! Amazing!
Comics Journal #296 Feb 09 $11.99
Get Your War On The Definitive Account 2001-2008 by David Rees $15.95
Secret Identity $24.95 The Fetish Art of Superman’s Co-Creator Joe Shuster
Blab A Retrospective $19.95
I Was a Teenage Filipino Skinhead Set by Greg Narvas $10.00 Set of 10 mini comics
Lucha Libre #6 Etiquette Essentials For Success $6.99

New Books
Pink Flag by Wilson Neate $10.955 New 33 1/3 about the Wire album
Way Through Doors by Jesse Ball $13.95
Lark & Termite HC by Jayne Anne Phillips $24.00
Pretty Monsters HC by Kelly Link $19.99
Mail Me Art Going Postal With the Worlds Best Illustrators and Designers $30.00
I Lick My Cheese $15.95 And Other Real Notes From the Roommate Frontlines
Tall Skinny Bitter $16.95 Notes From The Center of Coffee Culture
Impossible Man by Michael Muhammad Knight $15.95
Cannabis Cultivator $15.00 A Step-by-Step Guide To Growing Marijuana
Tattoo Sourcebook $12.95
Leary On Drugs $19.95 Philosophically not just physically?!?

Erotica Porn Comics and Smut
Sleazy Slice #3 $6.00
Marquis #45 $19.00
Ultimate Libido TPB $19.99 Greatest Hits of Tony Libido

Unfinal Call CD Sampler $8.00 Bonnie Prince Billy invades the book store