New Stuff 4/14/07

Its that time again, for the weekly roll out of hotness, freshattitude, and neo nerdiness!

New Stuff to Hit Our Shelves on the Week ending 4/14/07
New Mags and Zines:
Bizarre #122 $8.75
Mojo Classic 2.3 $12.50 Greatest Album Covers of All Time!!!!
2600 Hacker Quarterly 24.1 $6.25
Adbusters #71 $8.95
Carbon 14 #29 $6.00
Cinemascope Spr07 $5.95
Cemetery Dance #57 $5.00
Fifth Estate Spr07 $3.00
4th Cycle #1 $7.00
Punk Planet #79 $4.95
Radical Philosophy #142 $11.00
Theme Spr 07 $5.95
UFO Mar 07 $5.99
Videoscope #62 $5.95

New New Comics and Minis and Graphic Novels:
Cold Heat #4 $5.00 Shit just keeps getting weirder
Mome #7 Spr 07 $14.95
Harry The Rat with Women by Jules Feiffer $12.95
Kafka by Crumb and Mairowitz $14.95 this is like the third version of this book?
Peanuts 1963 thru 1964 $28.95 Linus on the cover.
1-800-MICE by Thurber $5.00 Oh man more insanity, this is great!
Tiny Tyrant by Lewis Trondheim & Fabrice Parme $12.95
Professor’s Daughter by Joann Sfar & Emmanuel Guibert $16.95
Fables #60 $2.99

Brand New Books:
Mondo Lucha A Go-Go $24.95 Mexican Wrestling!
Pirate Primer $19.99 Dictionary of Pirate Lingo
Triksta SC by Nik Cohn $13.95 Story of New Orleans Rap/Bounce!
Dead Fish Museum by Chales D’Ambrosio $13.95
On Late Style by Edward Said $14.00 Music and Literature Against the Grain
Iggy Pop Open Up and Bleed by Paul Trynka $23.95
Everything About You Was Cute Until You Wouldn’t Fuck Me Anymore by Joel Bull $20.00
Homemade Traps for New World Brains by Evan Willner $12.00
Opening the Borders by Larry Blasko $24.95

Erotica and Porn and Sex Culture and Dirty Comics
Skin Two #57 $20.00
Perfect 10 Sum 07 $7.99
Pinups #1 Elliot $20.00 Unbind this zine for a life size pin up boy of your own!
Handbook #2 $5.00 Naked Boys! For naked boy fans!

CDS DVDs Gifts and Accessories for hip lifestyles
Kevin Hooyman Poster $15.00 nice poster hand numbered and signed too!
Assorted Dog & Pony Show cards and stationery $3.75 and up!
Midnight Blue DVD’s $29.95 each. Classic Porn cable access show.

Notable Restocks: Old but New Again
Lots of Restocks come be surprised