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New Stuff This Week

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HAPPY BOXING DAY! Yes, we have boxes.


Zines from the blog ourlittlesomething.tmblr.com & Self-Publishers of Chicago:
Terrific Trees of the USA by Victoria Harley, Katrina Eresman, Erin Dreis $7.00
Sea by Victoria Harley & Katrina Eresman $3.00
Price Gun Warriors by by Victoria Harley, Ed Blair, Jeff Phillips, Oats Redding, Liz Mason & more $3.00

Last Night at the Casino #10 Dec 15 $3.00

Serio #6 Social Justice Zine Based In Chicago $5.00

Arid #1 A Zine about Sobriety and the Interior by E. Marie $2.00

Rock Paper Scissors Photography by Chris Horner $5.00

Whipless by Robert Rusch $20.00

Wayward Ducklings vol 1 $1.00

Are You Aware of How You’re Feeling Now $3.00

Tat Squad #3 $10.00


Do Not Disturb My Waking Dream #4 by Laura Park (Uncivilized Books) $5.00 – Laura Park is back, blessin’ us & stressin’ us with her famed linework and strained lifework. It’s a style as Chicago as Al’s Beef, and every bit as well-rendered. Grab one before they fade back into the mystic. ~GS

Smoke Signal #23 $5.00 – Derf Backderf cover, work by Al Columbia inside!

As You Were #4 a Punk Comix Anthology (Silver Sprocket Bicycle Club) $10.00

Structures 46-56 by Kevin Huizenga (Uncivilized Books) $5.00 – The fifth volume in the Structures series. Kevin Huizenga presents a number of otherworldly structural narratives. Complete with interactive audio / motion cues! 2-color Risograph cover.


Speakeasy: A Rachel Topka Toon by Rachel Topka (Uncivilized Books) $5.00 – A love story…of sorts, between a chubby homunculous and a centaur. Comic by the Uncivilized Books intern!

Those Goddamn Fuckers by Alec Berry and Andrew White (Uncivilized Books) $4.00

Ice Heist by Madeline McGrane (Uncivilized Books) $5.00

The Social Discipline Reader by Ian Sundahl (DOMINO) $5.00 – Collects best of material from Social Discipline #1-8, and would be at home as a obscure men’s magazine insert or as contemporary naturalistic storytelling/pseudo-autobiography. 40 newsprint pages, b&w, 8×10.5″.


Lapis Lazuli Labyrinth by Yumi Sakugawa (Sparkplug) $5.00 – A minicomic sharing the importance of remembering small details, no matter how seemingly useless.

A Wretch Like Me: Sad/Black/Ugly/Queer by Ebin Lee (Sparkplug) $6.00 – Portland artist describes the book as “A Wretch Like Me is my visual journal of Depression/Anxiety/ and Body Dysphoria.” Book #5 in the Sparkplug Minis Series.

Incubation – Charles Burns’ Sketchbook $9.95

Fight Club 2 #8 by Chuck Palahniuk and friends $3.99

Rotten Roots #1 by Paul Axel & Renee Majkut $6.00

Cats and Witches by Charles Brubaker $3.00



Adventure Time Presents Marceline Gone Adrift by Meredith Gran and Carey Pietsch $19.99

Ronald Searle’s America (Fantagraphics) $85.00

SCALPED HC BOOK 3 DELUXE EDITION by Jason Aaron & friends $29.99

Gahan Wilson’s Out There: The Science-Fiction and Fantasy Cartoons of Writing of Gahan Wilson (Fantagraphics) $29.99

Comics by Yewon Kwon:
All of My Body Half Spilled Across the Floor $12.00
There Is Fire and the Gnashing of Teeth $20.00


Forms of Rockin': Graffiti Letters and Popular Culture by Anssi Arte (Dokument Press) $29.95

The Photographer’s Playbook: 307 Assignments and Ideas by Jason Fulford and Gregory Halpern (Aperture) $24.95 – Playful collection of assignments, ideas, stories, advice for better shooting and editing, creative ways to start new projects, games, activities, insight & anecdotes from many of the world’s most talented photographers. Plus, a Polaroid alphabet by Mike Slack, which divides each chapter, and a handy subject guide.


Hearsay: Artists Reveal Urban Legends by Lauren Haisch & Wendy Sherman $19.95

The Ark of God: The Incredible Power of the Ark of the Covenant by David Hatcher Childress (Adventures Unlimited) $22.00

Robot Zombies: Transhumanism and the Robot Revolution by Xaviant Haze & Estrella Eguino (Adventures Unlimited) $16.95

The Law of Chaos: The Multiverse of Michael Moorcock by Jeff Gardiner (Headpress) $19.95


Cat Versus Human by Yasmine Surovec $12.99 – From the design-y and snarky catvshuman.com.

100 Essential Things You Didn’t Know You Didn’t Know About Math and the Arts by John D. Barrow $16.95

Unprepared To Die: America’s Greatest Murder Ballads And The True Crime Stories That Inspired Them by Paul Slade (Soundcheck Books) $21.95


Meat #19 $20.00

Badlands Unlimited New Lovers 1: How to Train Your Virgin by Wednesday Black $12.95 – The queen of a mythical realm realizes that her king now prefers the bodies of inexperienced human virgins to her own. His insatiable appetite threatens the kingdom and everything the queen holds dear. She plots to seduce and deflower the two humans the king favors, but her plans backfire in spectacular fashion. What will become of her marriage? Her kingdom? Her virgins?


Vive Le Rock #31 The Clash, Jello Biafra $10.99

Mojo #266 Jan 16 Bowie Now $10.99

True Crime Dec 15 $9.99

Sneaker Freaker #34 $12.95

She Shreds #9 $8.00

Noble Rot #9 $18.50

Hobo Magazine #18 Lea Seydoux $20.00

Archer #5 16 The Australian Journal of Sexual Diversity $14.95


Ninth Letter vol 12 #2 Fall Win 15 16 $14.95


Legendary Routes of the World: A Pop Up Book by Alexandre Verhille & Sarah Tavernier (Little Gestalten) $29.99

I Met a Penguin by Frank Asch (Nieves) $25.00 – Reissue of 1972 book about a lion falling in love with a penguin.

New Stuff This Week

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Ten Minicomics vol 4 by Alex Nall $5.00

My Kind of Sound: The Secret History of Chicago Music by Steve Krakow (Curbside Splendor) $24.95


Punk Rock Glee Club #1 by Liz Mason $2.00 – Zine about an a capella punk band Blue Ribbon Glee Club that does covers of bands like Fugazi and the Buzzcocks. But it’s also a meditation on creativity, group artistic collaboration and performing.

Her Pichers, The Life and Work of Gert Van Houten by Drew Damron $5.00

Reggae Sauce: A Cabin Time Pokey Creek Cookbook by Nick Stockton $8.00

Free Ass Mag #1 Free Association Magazine Utopia by Amanda Wills $10.00

Close Encounters by Hannah K. Lee $15.00

Zines from Dinosaur Press by Claire Siepser:
Lies We Tell Ourselves $6.00
Lies Our Parents Told Us Or $6.00
Lies We Told Our Parents Or $6.00
Make Your Own Permanent Record $9.00
Choices $15.00

Pill Magazine #1 $5.00 – Thoughtful zine about abortion, what to expect when you’re not expecting.

Sound Bites #3 Sounds of Home by Bethany $3.00

Live Mag #12 $10.00

KerBloom #117 Nov Dec 15 by Artnoose $2.00

Party Animals, Mike Freiheit Presents $4.00 – A drawing zine from this mini-comics artist.


Life’s Too Short, Trubble Club Presents $5.00

Revenger #6 $8.00

Meow de Vivre by Penina Gal $5.00

Comics by Matt Reints, $2.00-$3.00 each:
Dusty-isms: A Collection of Short Comics
Against the American Dream: Another Collection of Short Comics

Xerox Candy Bar XCB Anime Issue #27 $3.00

Somewhere Over the Rainbow by oorn $5.00

Sporgo #1 $4.00

Prometheus Eternal by Grant Morrison & Farel Dalrymple (Locust Moon Press) $5.99


Test Tube by Carlos Gonzalos (Floating World Comics) $14.95

Strange Sports Stories: Get Your Head in the Game by Paul Pop, CM Punk & Gilbert Hernandez (Vertigo) $14.99

Batman: The Doom That Came to Gotham by Mike Mignola & friends (DC) $16.99

Hot Jazz with Max Zillion and Alto Ego by Hunt Emerson $18.95


Platforms: Ten years of Chances Dances, ed. by Aay Preston Myint $35.00

Juxtapoz: Wild (Gingko Press) $29.95

Skullture: Skulls in Contemporary Visual Culture (Gingko Press) $39.95

Stay Melty Buff Monster (Gingko Press) $29.95

Store Front II A History Preserved, The Disappearing Face of New York (Gingko Press) $65.00

Fifty Art Nouveau Works of Art You Should Know by Susie Hodge (Prestel) $19.95


Loitering: New and Collected Essays $15.95


Book of My Lives by Aleksander Hemon $16.00


Living Anarchism, Jose Peirats and the Spanish Anarcho Syndincalist Movement by Christ Ealham $20.00


Confessions Of A Heretic: The Sacred And The Profane by Adam Nergal Darski, with Mark Eglinton (Jawbone Press) $19.95 – Forthright and erudite memoir of the front man and driving force behind the Polish heavy-metal group Behemoth, currently at the top of their game following the release of their 2014 US Top 40 album The Satanist.


Wire #382 Dec 15 $9.99

Shots #130 $7.25

Profane #1 $23.95 – French art mag.

Sabor #1 Arbiter of All Things Gastronomic $29.95

True Crime Winter Special Dec 15 $12.99 – Happy Holidays From Quimby’s!

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Fat 2015 $14.99 – Finnish art, featuring Nastja Sade Ronkko. Annual issue for 2015, the Nordic Issue.

Drift vol 3 Havana $24.00 – Popular coffee magazine, each issue focuses around a different city.

Modern Farmer #10 Winter 15/16 $7.99


What Communion Has, The Light with Darkness by ZL Melton (Godhead Publishing) $6.00

Otherwise Jesus by Blake Wallin $7.00


Moleskine Folio Sketchbook X-Large $29.95

Fun Gift Wrap! Different kidns! $6.95 per roll

Nudie Ladies 2016 Heaven Sent Heaven is for Real by Flannery Cashill $3.00

New Stuff This Week

Damn them some awesome Dame Darcy thingses! Calendar, Jane Eyre coloring book (25$), Faery Food book ($12) and more. ?

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Dame Darcy stuff!!!!!! Coloring books ($25), Witch 2016 Calendar ($15)!

Woweeee. Leif Goldberg 2016 Echo Collector calendar. $20.

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2016 Calendar Echo Collector Calendar by Leif Goldberg!!! $20.00


Fallopian Falafel various issues $2.50 each – Hebraic feminists unite!

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Purple Myrtle Squeegy, various issues $1.50

Sub/Verse #3 Dec/Jan $5.00

Color in Me by Jesse Ward $15.00

Classic Track Takes Me Back by K. $4.00



Issues of Frontier (from Youth In Decline) $8.40 each
#8 by Anna Deflorian
#9 by Becca Tobin
#10 by Michael DeForge

Stuff from Oily comics!
Revenger #5 by Charles Forsman $5.00
HABIT #2 $8.00 – 52 pages of madness from Josh Simmons (The Furry Trap) and his deranged collaborators. This issue includes: Tom Van Deusen, Eric Reynolds & Ben Horak.

Comics by Eroyn Franklin:
Bikram Addict $3.00
Vantage #2 $5.00

Comics by Isabella Rotman
Feel Small $4.00
Siren School $5.00
Burn Your Demons $6.00

Welcome to Free America issues #001-#0004 $6.00-$7.00

Nerd Jam Pack Special Issue by Oliver Wilkie $15.00

Gleaming Corridor #1 by Ben Sears $10.00

My Boo Ghost Zine, curated by Brett Manning & Sarah Gilstrap $5.00

Listen to Your Third Eye by Brett Manning & friends $10.00

Twilight Children #3 by Gilbert Hernandez $4.99

Strawberry Ghost by Helen America $6.00


Runaways: Battleworld $15.99

Kid Eternity: Deluxe Edition by Grant Morrison & friends $24.99

Walking Wounded: Uncut Stories from Iraq by Olivier Morel (NBM) $24.99

Complete Voodoo vol 1 by Craig Yoe $29.99


TF at 1: Ten Years of Quartersnacks by Quartersnacks (PowerHouse) $29.95 – Best and worst from the NY skateboarding web site, along with new interviews, and documentation of the spots, the videos, the shops and more.

Out of the Woods: A Collection of 15 Postcards by Emily Winfield Martin (Black Apple) $16.00

Subway Art: 30th Anniversary Edition by Martha Cooper $24.95

The Women of Ink: 16 International Tattoo Artists by Ákos Bánfalvi (Schiffer) $34.99



Love Songs For Monsters by Anthony Ha (Youth In Decline) $10.00 – Science fiction short story debut from this author. Cover by Michael DeForge.

Sophia by Michael Bible (Melville House) $16.95 – Reverend Maloney isn’t the world’s greatest spiritual advisor. He drinks gin out of his coffee cup and has sex dreams about the Holy Ghost. His best friend Eli isn’t perfect either, but he’s a chess genius, which has to count for something. So Maloney decides that they should hit the road: Eli can win major chess tournament after chess tournament; Maloney can pocket Eli’s winnings while getting away from, well, certain situations.

10:04 by Ben Lerner $16.00

Dick Goes to the Bank by Avery Dick $14.95

Loss Angeles by Mathieu Cailler (Short Story America) $25.00

After the Apocalypse: Stories by Maureen F. McHugh (Small Beer Press) $16.00

Pictures of the Gone World by Lawrence Ferlinghetti $12.95

Cat that Ended the World by Gene Pool Harding $15.00


Fake Missed Connections by Brett Fletcher Lauer (Soft Skull Press) $25.00

Io Anthology: Literature, Interviews, and Art from the Seminal Interdisciplinary Journal, 1965-1993 ed. by Lindy Hough, Richard Grossinger (North Atlantic) $29.95 – Io forged an eclectic path through the upheaveals of the 1960s in art, literature, science, and the life of the spirit with writing that embraced astrophysics, science fiction, parapsychology, topology, poetry from Black Mountain, Beat, and New American traditions, wisdom from Hopi and Iglulik elders, homeopathy, hermetics, alchemy and the occult, astrology, Tibetan Buddhism, and Sufism.


Things Just Aren’t They Poems by James Payne (Monster House Press) $12.00

Hand Poems by Richard Wehrenberg Jr. (Monster House Press) $5.00


Fools, Frauds and Firebrands: Thinkers of the New Left by Roger Scruton $26.00


Shock Cinema #49 $5.00

Fader #101 Dec 15 Jan 16 $6.99

Gather Journal #8 Win 16 Origin $19.99

Monocle vol 9 #89 Dec 15 Jan 16 Hunker Down for the Holidays $12.00

Forecast #3 2016 Beyond the Surface $18.00


Book With No Pictures by BJ Novak $17.99


More blank cards $3.00 each from such artists as Sam McPheeters, Will Bryant and more!

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New Stuff This Week

Thanks, H. Melt, for the #quimbys shout out in your book The Plural, The Blurring!!!

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The Plural, The Blurring by H. Melt $12.00


How to Be A Considerate Suicide by Gabe Martinez & Jen Miller $4.00 – Get it together! Drowning yourself just makes a mess of contaminated water someone else has to dig your body out of. Manners, people!

Good to Know A Zine of Useful Things by Isabella Rotman (Pioneers Press)$3.00

Let It Sink #8 A Short and Innacurate History by Jim Joyce $2.00

Basic Paper Airplane #9, #10 by Joshua Amberson $3.00, $2.00

Everything Is Fine the Journals 2000-2014 split w/ Purple Myrtle Squeegy #12 Sep 15 Special Diary Issue by Nyxia Grey & Hadas Ben-Ari $5.00

Pussy Power $20.00

Cats You Never Learned About in History Class by Lynne Donahue and Micki Grover (Devastator) $5.00 – Do you love cats in costumes? Well then this is the zine for you. A comical look at various cats throughout the ages. Historical purrtraiture of various kitties photographed by Lynne Donahue.-CH

Weathering the Storm: Notes on Coping with Anxiety by Rachel McKay $3.00

Nesting: Self-Care Tips for Autumn and Winter by Katie Johnson $4.99

Kitchen Witch’s Guide to Rosemary, 3rd Power $3.00

Tweet Me When You Sober Up by Zachary Rosen $2.00


Field Guide to the Uncommon Fairybug by Shin Yin Khor (Sawdust Press) $4.00

Corn Quest by Mardikes Kira $5.00


21st Century Tank Girl by Alan Martin and Jamie Hewlett $22.99

Private Eye by Brian K. Vaughan & friends $49.99

18 Days vol 1 War Begins by Grant Morrison $14.99

Yon and Mu by Junji Ito (Kodansha Comics) $10.99

Ramshackle: A Yellowknife Story by Alison McCreesh (Conundrum) $20.00

Violenzia and Other Deadly Amusements by Richard Sala (Fantagraphics) $16.99

IRENE vol 5 ed. by Dakota McFadzean, Andy Warner & dw. (Hic & Hoc Publications) $15.00 – Comics and art anthology contains 160 pages featuring 15 artists from all over the world including: Pat Barrett, Jon Chad, Mark Connery, d.w., Fdz, Luke Healy, Dakota McFadzean, Fouad Mezher, Dave Ortega, D. Rinylo, Emanuel (Manny) Schongut, Bailey Sharp, R. Sikoryak, James The Stanton, Andy Warner, and Lindsay Watson.

The Crogan Adventures: Last of the Legion by Chris Schweizer and Joey Weiser (Oni Press) $17.99

Feathers by Jorge Corona (Archaia) $24.99

The Only Child by Guojing (Schwartz & Wade) $19.99

Do Androids Dream of Electric Sheep by PKD, art by Tony Parker & friends $39.99

Slash Fiction Through the Ages: A Rare Historic Collection of Hot Toon Pornographies by Patrick Baker & Elan Trinidad (Devastator) $5.00



Grimm Fairy Tales 16 Prints Ready to Frame (Taschen) $19.99 – Packaged in a sturdy cardboard box!

Plus other restock of cheap Taschen books (various prices from $9.99 and up)!: Tom of Finland: Complete Kake Comics, Forever Butt, Tiki Style, MC Escher: Kaleidocycles, Encyclopaedia Anatomica, Book of Symbols, Complete Atlas of Human Anatomy and Surgery & more!

Pareidolia by James Jean (PIE Books) $45.00


Dick Slays the Dragons by Avery Dick $14.95


Cannabis Health Index: Combining the Science of Medical Marijuana with Mindfulness Techniques to Heal 100 Chronic Symptoms and Diseases by Uwe Blesching (North Atlantic) $24.95


You Might Remember Me: The Life and Times of Phil Hartman $16.99

Special Deluxe: A Memoir Of Life and Cars by Neil Young $18.00 – Now in soft cover.


Bitch #69 Win 16 Gamer Geeks $6.95

Juxtapoz #180 Jan 16 $6.99

Little Squares issues #3 & #4 $5.00 each

Razorcake #89 $4.00


Brick #96 Winter 15 a Literary Journal $15.00


Porn for Ladies #2 $8.00

Hamburger Buger Bike Seat Cover $7.00
Vinyl Record Bookends $15.00
Fridge Soldier Bottle Opener $10.00
Krampus Greeting Cards Box Set 2 20 Assorted Metal Tin $19.95
2016 Organizer Planner (Justseeds and Eberhardt Press) $10.00

New Stuff This Week


The American Express propaganda machine tells us it’s Small Business Saturday. Why not spend it on Gym Boys: Gay Erotic Stories?


How Many Fingers Cover

How Many Fingers Am I Holding Up by Andy Slater $3.00 – Thanks to everybody that came out for this event last week! Andy Slater (below) told it like it is! Slater’s Chick Tract-inspired comic chronicles his experiences as a blind pedestrian enduring harassment from aggressive ableists and the unwanted “help” from busy-body gawkers. The book doubles as a DOs & DON’Ts guide on assisting blind folks.

Screen Shot 2015-11-28 at 1.07.35 PM

Romantic Story by Heather Benjamin $15.00 – Heather Benjamin’s new book Romantic Story is comprised of 24 gorgeous new drawings. Her drawings are detailed, elegant and provocative. Seemingly an homage to vintage romance novel cover art intertwined with her own fantastic imagined world. A must have. -CH. Full color gloss cover and b/w newsprint interior, plastic sleeve with sticker!

iTunes Terms and Conditions Part C & D The Unabridged Graphic Adaptation by R. Sikoryak $10.00

Solarium by Kaitlin Kostus $6.00

Spinadoodles: The Sixth Year (Being Myself Is My Treasure) by Sam Spina (Birdcage Bottom) $6.00

Left Empty Book 1 by Alan King & J Vayda $5.00

Ikebana by Yumi Sakugawa (Retrofit) $5.00

Falling, A Dandelion, Upside Down by Victor Edison (Big Ugly Robot) $5.00

Bangs and Beard Diary by Aaaron Whitaker and Melinda Boyce (Birdcage Bottom) $5.00

Magic Whistle vol 3 #1 Jan 16 by Sam Henderson $5.99

Witch’s Wager #1 by Jason Young & Nate McDonough $2.00

Crosshatch 34 Cartoonists A Very Simple Game to Drive You Insane by Nate McDonough $1.00 – Lose your mind fully and match the artist to their respective field of crosshatching in the new half size 16 page mini!

Rejected Hammer Thesis by Eric Myers #1 $4.00 & #2 $2.00

Taddle Creek #36 $5.95

Saltwater Snow by Kurt Ankeny $8.00

Blimpakind comics by Talya Modlin $11.00 each: Circling the Pomeroy Abyss, Drinking Buddies, Isles of Amos

Comics by Alexis Cooke: How to Explain Gender Binary ($3.00) How to Feed Depression ($6.00), Brain Weather #1 ($12.00)

FIGHT CLUB 2 #7 by Chuck Palahnuik and Cameron Stewart (Dark Horse) $3.99


What’s Your Sign: Girl Cartoonists Talk about Their Sun Signs by Robert Kirby & friends (Ninth Art Press) $10.95

Days: Comics 2011-2012 by Simon Moreton (Avery Hill Publishing) $18.00

Irene vol 6 by Dakota McFadzean (Hic & Hoc) $15.00

Unbeatable Squirrel Girl vol 2 Squirrel You Know Its True by Ryan North & Erica Henderson $14.99

Sub by Alexis Cooke $20.00


White Nationalist Skinhead Movement UK and USA 1979-1993 by Robert Forbes & Eddie Stampton (Feral House) $34.95


Century of Progress: A Photographic Tour of the 1933-1934 Chicago Worlds Fair (Midway) $24.95


Expedition: A New Vinyl Audiobook Prequel to Fight Club by Chuck Palahnuik (Rare Bird Books) $30.00

See You In the Morning by Maired Case (Featherproof Books) $13.95

Second Life by Paul Griner (Soft Skull Press) $15.95

Reflections of a Project Girl by Shontay Luna $7.99


Big Book of Kink by Alison Tyler (Cleis Press) $15.95


Girl In a Band by Kim Gordon $14.99 – Now in soft cover!

Over the Top and Back: The Autobiography by Tom Jones (Blue Rider Press) $26.95

Sound Man: A Life Recording Hits with the Rolling Stones by Glyn Johns $16.00


Luke Skywalker Can’t Read and Other Geeky Truths by Ryan Britt $16.00

Sadie, Wolf, and Friends by Lisa Carver $14.95 – Hilarious conversations between Lisa Carver and her children. Wolf is a very sweet, Christian, mystical, autistic artist who loves rocks and sheep and being faithful. Sadie is a spitfire cheerleader wealth-plotting new teen who loves math because there’s only right or wrong and hates social studies because it’s an excuse for other students to say their opinions forever pretending it’s a question.


mega dank fractals

Mystery School In Hyperspace: A Cultural History of DMT by Graham St John, with a foreward by Dennis McKenna (Evolver Editions) $19.95


Cuter Stuff by Aranzi Aronzo $13.95 – How to make 38 new felty funny projects such as Long Torso Mufflers, appliqués & more.


Kinfolk col 18 The Design Issue $18.00

AdBusters #123 vol 24 #1 Jan Feb 16 Aesthetic Terror $12.95

Mojo #265 Dec 15 Elvis Costello $10.99

Paper Win 15 Fandemonium $10.00

True Crime Nov 15 $9.99

Smith Journal #16 $17.99

Vive Le Rock #30 Damned $10.99

Tapas #6 Fall Winter 15 Yummy Yummy Magazine $19.99


Warren the 13th and the All Seeing Eye vol 1 by Tania Del Rio & Will Staehle $16.95


Cards Against Humanity Third Expansion Pack $10.00