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New Stuff This Week

It’s happening again! #twinpeaks #twinpeaksthefinaldossier #markfrost #quimbys #quimbysbookstorechicago

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Twin Peaks: The Final Dossier by Mark Frost $21.99 – Fills in some graps left by The Return and the Secret History.


101 Movies to Watch Before You Die by Ricardo Cavolo (Nobrow) $22.95
Buzz: A Stimulating History of the Sex Toy by Hallie Lieberman $26.95


Sucias by Chloe Perkis $10.00

Nickname #1 by Hurley Winkler and Aysha Mishkin $4.00


Unfinished: 3 Poems by Tom Neely (Silver Sprocket) $10.00

Kitaro’s Strange Adventures by Shigeru Mizuki (D&Q) $12.95

Grandville Force Majeure by Brian Talbot $24.99

Schiz by Bob Levin $15.99

And Then the World Blew Up by Mr. Fish (Fantagraphics) $29.99 – An intellectual punch in the face to the new political order by political cartoonist Dwayne Booth aka Mr. Fish!


A Queer Little History of Art by Alex Pilcher $19.95

Kit and Willy’s Guide to Art by Zebedee Helm (Gingko Press) $15.95 – An art primer for the young ones.

Camo Mania: New Disruptive Patterns in Design by Viction Workshop $39.95 – As in camouflage! Being arty!

Kaibyo: The Supernatural Cats of Japan by Zack Davisson (Chin Music) $18.95 – An in-depth exploration of the sometimes charming, sometimes gruesome feline creatures and ghosts of Japan.


Economics In Wonderland: Robert Reich’s Cartoon Guide To A Political World Gone Mad And Mean by Robert B. Reich (Fantagraphics) $19.99


Biff Boff Bam Sock #8 For Your Health Making Sense of American Health Insurance $6.00

Unfuck Your Brain: Using Science to Get Over Anxiety, Depression, Anger, Freak-Outs, and Triggers by Faith Harper PhD LPC-S ACS ACN (Microcosm) $14.95 – A no-nonsense and helpful guide on how to cope with a slew of mental-health issues that are hellbent on ruining the lives of millions of people worldwide.


Bizarrism vol 2 Revised and Expanded Edition by Chris Mikul (Headpress) $19.95

Death: A Graveside Companion by Joanna Ebenstein $40.00

The Ghost: A Cultural History by Susan Owens $29.99


33 1/3 series: Yoko Kanno’s Cowboy Bebop Soundtrack by Rose Bridges $22.95

Hank: The Short Life and Long Country Road of Hank Williams by Mark Ribowsky $18.95


The Familiar, Volume 5: Redwood by Mark Z. Danielewski $27.95

Highs and Lows of Shapeshift Ma and Big Little Frank by Frances Cannon $20.00


F*ck, That’s Delicious: An Annotated Guide to Eating Well by Action Bronson and Rachel Wharton $27.50


Basketball (and Other Things): A Collection of Questions Asked, Answered, Illustrated by Shea Serrano and Arturo Torres $19.99


What About the Rest of Your Life by Sung Yim (Perfect Day Publishing) $10.00


Oh Joy Sex Toy vol 4 by Erika Moen and Matthew Nolan $29.99

Elska #14 Haifa Israel $18.50

Juxtapoz #203 Dec 17 $6.99
Another Man #25 Fall Win 17 Modern Mythologies $18.50
Fader #111 Fall 17 $6.99


Private Parts by Shawna Kay Rodenberg $3.00

My Woods by Ryan J. Eilbeck $3.00

Slave Trade Moves to Ebay in the Capitalist West by Marlin M. Jenkins $3.00


Band of Weirdos stuff: enamel pins and greeting cards and patches and more!

Welcome to Twin Peaks Tin Lunchbox $15.99 Twin Peaks Microcassette Mini Journal $8.99

Topps Garbage Pail Kids 2017 Battle of the Bands Sticker Cards $3.99 per pack

My Space Adventure: Never-Ending Fun with Storytelling by Naomi Wilkinson (Victionary) $15.95 – Like divinity cards mixed with D&D: Simply roll the dice to determine the genre, draw some cards at random, and use your best improvisation skills to tell an original story based on the content of the card’s artwork, arranged in any sequence.

New Stuff This Week

We got more Quimby’s Logo t-shirts! Tons of sizes! Order them here!

Meat Cake 2018 Dame Darcy Calendar $20.00


KerBloom #128 Sep Oct 17 by Artnoose $2.00

Proof I Exist #27 Oct 17 First Impressions $2.00

Skidmark Zine #16 $5.00

Hard to Love #3 by Sara McHenry $3.00


South Beloit Journal by John Porcellino $6.00

Alienation #5 by Inechi Ines Estrada $10.00

Rapt in Fear #1-#3 by Alex Delaney $4.00-$5.00 each

Screen Screams #1 Skecthbook by Scott Roller $5.00

In Trouble: A Plot Story by Neil Brideau $3.00

Our Earthy Mother Is In All That is Life That is Nurture by Emily Schulert $5.00


Monograph by Chris Ware (Rizzoli) $60.00 – Don’t miss Chris Ware signing this amazing book here on Fri, Nov 3rd at 7pm! The book delves into how, as a storyteller and builder, Ware’s work in three dimensions feeds into the thinking of his finely textured narrative art, offering a prismatic look at his work, including rarely-seen early attempts, previously unpublished strips and notes, all serving as a window into how artwork made for reproduction is still fundamentally “art.”

The Unquotable Trump: Trump in His Very Own Best Words by R. Sikoryak (D&Q) $19.95

Head Games by Craig McDonald and Kevin Singles $19.99

The Little Book of Knowledge: Tattoos by Jerome Pierrat & Alfred $14.99

Voices in the Dark by Marrel Beyer and Ulli Lust $29.95

At War with War by Seymour Chwast $19.95

Black Panther & the Crew: We Are the Streets vol 1 by Ta-Nehisi Coates & friends $17.99


Now by The Invisible Committee $13.95


Cinemaps: An Atlas of 35 Great Movies by A. D. Jameson and Andrew DeGraff $29.99

The Art of Pulps: An Illustrated History by Douglas Ellis $49.99

Ungrateful Mammals by Dave Eggers $29.99

Typewriters: Iconic Machines from the Golden Age of Mechanical Writing by Anthony Casillo and Bruce Curtis $40.00


Death and the Afterlife: A Chronological Journey, from Cremation to Quantum Resurrection by Clifford Pickover $19.95

The Big Book of Rogues and Villains: The Most Comprehensive Collection of Bad Guys and Girls Ever Assembled by Otto Penzler $25.00

Grave Tidings: An Anthology of Famous Last Words by Paul Berra $10.99

Member of the Family: My Story of Charles Manson, Life Inside His Cult, and the Darkness That Ended the Sixties by Dianne Lake with Deborah Herman $27.99

Robot Sex: Social and Ethical Implications by John Danaher and Neil McArthur (MIT Press) $40.00 – Sexbots are coming. Given the pace of technological advances, it is inevitable that realistic robots specifically designed for people’s sexual gratification will be developed in the not-too-distant future. Despite popular culture’s fascination with the topic, and the emergence of the much-publicized Campaign Against Sex Robots, there has been little academic research on the social, philosophical, moral, and legal implications of robot sex. This book fills the gap, offering perspectives from philosophy, psychology, religious studies, economics, and law on the possible future of robot-human sexual relationships.

The Occult Book: A Chronological Journey from Alchemy to Wicca by John Michael Greer $19.95

Other Minds: The Octopus, the Sea, and the Deep Origins of Consciousness by Peter Godfrey-Smith $16.00


Deaths of Henry King by Jesse Ball, Brian Evenson, Lilli Carre (Uncivilized Books) $19.95


Meet Me In the Bathroom: Tne Rebirth and Rock and Roll In New York City 2001-2011 by Lizzy Goodman $26.99

The Tao of Bill Murray: Real Life Stories of Joy Enlightenment and Party Crashing by Gavin Edwards $16.00 – Now in soft cover.

Straight Edge: A Clear-Headed Hardcore Punk History by Tony Rettman (Bazillion Points) $29.95

The Bad Movie Bible: The Ultimate Modern Guide to Movies That Are so Bad They’re Good by Rob Hill $24.95

Cooking Price-Wise: A Culinary Legacy by Vincent Price and Victoria Price $19.95 – This charming book of Price’s favorite recipes is based on the Thames Television series he hosted in the 1970 Cooking Price-Wise.


Vacationland: True Stories from Painful Beaches by John Hodgman $25.00


Maximumrocknroll #414 Nov 17 Bad Example $4.99
Reflekt Style Anthology #13 Family $12.00
Mojo #288 Nov 17 $10.99
Wire #404 Oct 17 Jlin $10.99
Subvrt #2 The Identity Issue $17.00
Dissent Fall 17 $12.00
2600 the Hacker Quarterly vol 34 #3 Sum 17 $6.95
Nexus vol 24 #6 Nov Dec 17 $6.95
ASR #71 and #72 Fall 17 Anarcho Syndicalist Review $6.00
Majestic Disorder #9 $15.99
Frankie #79 $15.95
Fantastic Man #26 Fall Win 17 $14.99


Meekling Review #1 $15.00

I’m Trying to Remember What it Means by Claire Mesesan $9.00

Late or Dear Tameka by Daniel McCloskey $15.00

Timid Hungry Ghosts vol 1 and 2 by Ellie Gordon $12.00


Professor Astro Cat’s Solar System by Dr. Dominic Walliman and illustrated by Ben Newman (Flying Eye) $13.99


Sloth Nurse Bandages $6.00

Mixtape Pencil Case $5.50

Socks! $9.00-$10.50: “Mother Fucking Girl Power,” “Certified Pain in the Ass”

…& more!

New Stuff This Week

Impulse shopping has never been so fun! Mark Ryden Friendly Animal Stickers $5.00 Mark Ryden Friendly Animal Plates $99.00 – Set of 6 plates, 10″ each. Beauties! Stay Fresh Air Fresheners $5.00 each: Reaper in Musk, Honey Bear Bong in Lavender, Usugrow Skull Rebel Ink in Pineapple, Usugrow Skull Inked For Life in Sandalwood Death by Coffee Air Freshener $4.00 Chub Rub Club Patch $5.00 Thrillhaus Patches $6 each


Visitor in Myself #6 Win 17 $3.00

Should I Get Bangs by Lauren Spencer King $6.00

Bloody Brains by Zeus Fondanarosa $1.00

Trucks by Wesley Willis $19.00 – You missed buying his paintings at the 6 corners down the street when he was alive. Now buy a $19 zine of his work.


Personal Space by Anna Mielniczuk $10.00

Neon by Aubrey Fisch $2.50

All Time Comics Crime Destroyer #2 by Josh Bayer $3.99


Pizzeria Disgusto by Michael Hacker $20.00 – An absurd-comic insight into Italian cuisine. Ugly band noodles, pizza cuts with revenge rags and violent potato balls — 84 pages of cartoons and illustrated jokes about pizza, pasta and other culinary delights from Bella Italia. Buon Appetito!

Coady and the Creepies by Liz Prince and Amanda Kirk $14.99 – Punk’s Not Dead! But the lead singer of Coady and the Creepies is! And the drummer is a ghost. How do you become the greatest band that’s ever lived if you have to fight your way through lood-sucking promoters, fanboy zombies and ghoulish rival bands?

Michael Chabon’s The Escapists by Michael Chabon & Brian K. Vaughan (Dark Horse) $19.99 – Inspired by The Amazing Adventures of Kavalier & Clay, Chabon teams up with Saga-Y The Last Man superstar Brian K. Vaughan (Dark Horse) $19.99 – Discovering his late father’s decades-spanning vault of Escapist memorabilia, a fan looks to relaunch the forgotten Golden Age hero with his friends.

Cartoon Clouds by Joseph Remnant (Fantagraphics) $22.99

Sugartown by Hazel Newlevant (Alternative Comics) $10.00 – A bisexual, polyamorous love story for the modern era.

Harlequin Valentine by Neil Gaiman with art by John Bolton $12.99 – Back in print, the legendary Commedia dell’arte has been beautifully redesigned for a new hardbound edition, the classic tale of clown woos girl and girl drags clown’s heart around town. But a charming surprise awaits the pair before the end of their journey!

Rat Queens vol 4 High Fantasies by Kurtis J. Wiebe and Owen Gieni $14.99 – Collects vol 2 #1-5


The Art of Tiki by Sven Kirsten and Otto von Stroheim (Last Gasp) $35.00 – A vivid, visually arresting portrait of the art form of mid-century Polynesian pop. In conjunction with the 20th Anniversary Tiki Art Exhibition at La luz de Jesus Gallery in Los Angeles.

Skaters: Tintype Portraits of West Coast Skateboarders by Jenny Sampson $45.00

Holidays in Soviet Sanatoriums by Maryam Omidi (Fuel) $32.50 – Combo medical institution and spa, Soviet sanatoriums were visited by millions of citizens every year, and the buildings are the most innovative of their time. Crude-oil baths, radon water douches and stints in underground salt caves, many are still in operation!


Age of Folly: America Abandons Its Democracy by Lewis H. Lapham $14.95


Art Sex Music by Cosey Fanni Tutti $18.95 – Autobio from musician of Throbbing Gristle/Chris & Cosey/COUM Transmissions fame, and includes the the story of her work as a pornographic model and striptease artiste which challenged assumptions about morality, erotica, and art.

The Frightfest Guide to Monster Movies (Dark Heart of Cinema) by Mike Gingold (Fab Press) $24.95

When The Screaming Stops: The Dark History Of The Bay City Rollers by Simon Spence $30.00

More of a Guideline than a Rule: The Bill Murray Connect the Dots (Sugoi) $9.00 – Yeah, yeah, milkin’ that Bill Murray activity book trend. It’s a thing. Give us your money!


Cinema Sewer Volume 6: The Adults Only Guide to History’s Sickest and Sexiest Movies! by Robin Bougie (Fab Press) $19.95 – Issues 27 to 29 of Robin Bougie’s celebrated independent magazine are revisited in this sixth wild FAB Press volume, along with an additional 80 pages of never-beforeseen interviews, rants, comics, hard-to-find classic movie advertising, and graphic illustrations by Bougie and his talented friends from both the comic book and animation industries.

Lady Killers: Deadly Women Throughout History by Tori Telfer, with illustrations by Dame Darcy $15.99

Robert Anton Wilson books back in print, courtesy of Hilaritas Press! $15.23 each: Cosmic Trigger vol 1 Final Secret of the Illuminati, Email to the Universe and Other Alterations of Consciousness. Prometheus Rising, Quantum Psychology: How Brain Software Programs You and Your World

American Freemasonry: Its Revolutionary History and Challenging Future by Alain de Keghel $30.00


In the Shadow of Frankenstein: Tales of the Modern Prometheus, ed. by Stephen Jones $17.95 – 24 electrifying tales of cursed creation, both contemporary and vintage. Now in soft cover.


Cherry Bombe, The Cookbook by Kerry Diamond & Claudia Wu $35.00 – From the editors of the popular indie mag of the same name.

Beer Is for Everyone!: Of Drinking Age by Em Sauter $18.95 – Learn the diff between a pils and an IPA! Look here if you’re thirsty, but not sure where to start.

Gentlewoman #16 Fall Win 17 Simone Biles $15.99
Uppercase #35 A Magazine for the Creative and Curious $18.00
Record Culture Magazine #3 $20.00 – Contains Beats in Space Photo Book
All In Magazine #3 with Marfa Journal #69 $20.00
AnOther Magazine vol 2 #6 Fall Win 17 $19.50
RFD #171 Fall 17 Happy Place $11.95
Fortean Times #358 Scary Bikers $12.50


Dollhouse #1 Oct 17 Everything You Need to Know $4.00

New Stuff This Week

2018 Slingshot Organizers here! #quimbys #quimbysbookstorechicago #slingshotorganizer #2018

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Slingshot Planners! Fulfills the function of both being your planner and a list of radical dates for every day of the year! Brought to you by the Slingshot Collective in California. Large $16.00, Small $8.00

Social Justice Kittens 12 Month 2018 Wall Calendar (Liartown) $16.00


#NewStuff this week! #quimhys #quimbysbookstorechicago

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Browse: Illustrated Reconstructions of Book Shoppers and Other Bookstore Dwellers by Mike Centeno $6.00 – Ever wonder who buys what at Quimby’s? Here’s your chance to learn.

Ramblopolis: A Stream of Consciousness Zine by Kelci Crawford $2.00


You Broke My Fucking Heart by Gabe Howell $2.00

Cookbook of Horrors by Jarad Solomon $4.00

Screwed Up by Konstantin Steshenko (Adhouse) $6.95

Anarchy In the Kingdom of Heaven $10.00


Now vol 1, edited by Eric Reynolds (Fantagraphics) $9.99 – New tri-annual anthology featuring cartoonists all over the globe. This first issue features work from Eleanor Davis, Noah Van Sciver, Gabrielle Bell and more!

Run For It: Stories Of Slaves Who Fought For Their Freedom by Marcelo D’Salete (Fantagraphics) $24.99

Chinatown Bus by M. Jacob Alvarez $12.00

Baking With Kafka by Tom Gauld (D&Q) $19.95 – A best of, featuring work from the British artist noted as a “book-lover’s cartoonist.”

The Comic Book Story of Video Games: The Incredible History of the Electronic Gaming Revolution by Jonathan Hennessey $18.99

William Gibson’s Archangel by William Gibson & friends $24.99


We are CHANGE: The Global Truth & Liberty Movement by Brian Kenny (Trine Day) $19.95

Nasty Women: Feminism, Resistance, and Revolution in Trump’s America, edited by Samhita Mukhopadhyay $16.00

Feed the Resistance: Recipes + Ideas for Getting Involved by Julia Turshen $14.95

We Were Eight Years in Power: An American Tragedy by Ta-Nehisi Coates (Oneworld) $28.00


Waiting for the Punch: Words to Live by from the WTF Podcast by Marc Maron $27.99

Thank You for Being a Friend: Life According to the Golden Girls by Emma Lewis $14.95


Quackery: A Brief History of the Worst Ways to Cure Everything by Lydia Kang and Nate Pedersen $22.95

Black Dahlia, Red Rose: The Crime, Corruption, and Cover-Up of America’s Greatest Unsolved Murder by Piu Eatwell $26.95

Pinball Wizards: Jackpots, Drains, and the Cult of the Silver Ball by Adam Ruben $16.99

Best American Nonrequired Reading 2017, edited by Sarah Vowell and 826 National $15.99

Ghostland: An American History in Haunted Places by Colin Dickey $17.00


Fresh Complaint: Stories by Jeffrey Eugenides $27.00

What the Hell Did I Just Read: A Novel of Cosmic Horror by David Wong $26.99


The Clash on the Clash: Interviews and Encounters, edited by Sean Egan $30.99

Walls Come Tumbling Down: Rock Against Racism, 2 Tone, Red Wedge by Daniel Rachel $18.95

Turn up the Strobe: The KLF, The JAMS, The Timelords: A History by Ian Shirley (Cherry Red Books) $21.95

The Twilight Zone Encyclopedia by Steven Jay Rubin $29.99

Absolutely on Music: Conversations by Haruki Murakami and Seiji Ozawa $17.00 – Acclaimed Fiction writer talks to the former conductor of the Boston Symphony Orchestra. Now in paperback.


Physique Pictorial #42 Fall 17 The Official Quarterly of the Bob Mizer Foundation $25.00

Juxtapoz #202 Nov 17 $6.99
Maximumrocknroll #413 $4.99
Put a Egg On It #14 $8.00
Witches Almanac #37 Spr 2018-2019 $12.95
Razorcake #100 Mike Watt $4.00
Tom Tom Magazine #31 Michelle LeBaptiste $10.00
Girls Like Us vol 2 #10 $12.00
Howler #13 Fall 17 $15.00
She Shreds #13 Juana Molina $10.00
Record Collector #470 Serious About Music, We Are Mods $11.50
Monster Children #56 $11.99
Tokewell #19 Sep 17 $4.20 (dude)
Horror Hound #67 Sep Oct 17 $6.99
Cinema Retro vol 13 #39 $11.99
In These Times Oct 17 vol 41 #10 $8.50

New Stuff This Week

Get yr dark arts on. Now in stock: necklaces of the beast! #quimbys #quimbysbookstorechicago #occult

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Sigil of Baphomet Jewelry $5-$30 – We are proud to start carrying occult jewelry for you from Arizona-based artist Xerxes who runs Sigil of Baphomet. Pendants, necklaces, sigils and more to flaunt your hexing abilities.

Psychedelic Pharmacology for the 21st Century: Breaking Convention Volume III by Ben Sessa (Strange Attractor Press) $21.95 – Presenting an interdisciplinary selection of twenty-five essays first delivered at Breaking Convention 2015, the third conference on psychedelic consciousness, culture, and clinical research, held at the University of Greenwich, London, held biennially. This book spans the sciences and humanities, from philosophy and neuroscience through chemical models of action to clinical use. This latest volume includes cross-cultural approaches exploring the global drug economy, clinical MDMA trials, histories of psychedelic literature, the enigma of the pineal gland, acid mediumship and psychedelic landscaping. Contributors include: Allan Badiner, Rick Doblin, Amanda Feilding, Ido Hartogsohn, Jennifer Lyke, Dale Pendell, Iker Puente.


Shards #1 + #2 by Melody Chang Snyder $3.00 each

Sunday Cruisin’ photo zine by Adam Jason Cohen $7.00

Polygoons Activity Book #1 by Hector Ivan Garcia $2.00

Zisk #28 Fall 17 $3.00 – The baseball zine for those who hate baseball magazines!


Berlin #21 by Jason Lutes (D&Q) $5.95

Sporgo #2 by Laura Pallmall $5.00 – A very contemporary look at a community of struggling young artists, written with crisp naturalistic dialogue. -Lane

Free Fantasy #1 $10.00

Business Box by JJ McLuckie $5.00

Lumpy Acres: A Graphic Memoir by Vance Lump $15.00 – This beautiful risograph comic is structured according to the four seasons, and the color schemes and layouts change with each section. A married couple spends a year in their new home, a rural farmhouse. They adopt chickens and think of them like children. They plant seeds and reap the harvest, sharing their new adventure of life on the land. Recommended for fans of Blexbolex and Brecht Evens. -Lane


Due out Oct 3rd! The Best American Comics 2017 edited by Ben Katchor and Bill Kartalopoulos $25.00

House Of Women by Sophie Goldstein (Fantagraphics) $29.99 – Four women try to bring “civilization” to the natives of a remote planet on the fringes of the known universe.

Francine by Michiel Budel (Secret Acres) $17.95 – Budel’s first graphic novel since his comics Wayward Girls and his anonymously posted webcomic slechtemeisjes, tells the tale of teen Francine who murders her bully, fakes her own death, steals her best friend’s mother, and makes any situation uncomfortably sexual.

Against the Grain vols 1-3 by Erica Austin $9.95 each

Josephine by Kevin Sacco $12.95 – A wordless Civil Rights-era tale of a young boy with a complicated family life who accompanies his family’s domestic – Josephine – from his Upper West Side NY comforts to her neighborhood haunts in Harlem.

Royal City vol 1 Next of Kin by Jeff Lemire $9.99 – A fading literary star who reluctantly returns to the once-thriving factory town where he grew up.

Sex Criminals vol 4: Fourgy! by Matt Fraction and Chip Zdarsky $16.99

The Unbeatable Squirrel Girl vol 6: Who Run the World? Squirrels by Ryan North and Erica Henderson $15.99

Adventure Time Sugary Shorts vol 3 by Pendleton Ward and friends $19.99

Unversed: A Comics Anthology Edited by Jonathan Hill $15.00

Bottoms Up!: True Tales Of Hitting Rock-Bottom, edited by J.T. Yost (Birdcage Bottom) $15.00 – Alcohol, narcotics, sex, pornography, body dysmorphia and more – adapted into comics by nearly 40 indie cartoonists. Contributors include Rachel Dukes, Noah Van Sciver, Sara Lautman, Kevin Budnik & more. Portion of proceeds donated to a local rehab org.


Tattoos In Japanese Prints by Sarah Thompson (MFA Boston) $24.95

Addicted to Americana: Celebrating Classic & Kitschy American Life & Style by Charles Phoenix $29.95 – Raised on a used-car lot, Charles Phoenix was destined to become the Ambassador of Americana. The photo collector, food crafter, and field tripper is famed for his hilarious live show performances and “theme park” tour of downtown Los Angeles. This riotously colorful book, replete with Charles’s collection of vintage Kodachrome slides, celebrates his lifelong quest to unearth the best of classic and kitschy American life and style.


Riot Days by Maria Alyokhina of Pussy Riot $17.00 – Evocative, wry, laser-sharp, and laconically funny first hand account of the trial and imprisonment of Maria Alyokhina for smuggling a guitar with her fellow Pussy Rioters into an Orthodox Moscow cathedral and performing a “Punk Prayer” to protest Putin’s regime.


From Here to Eternity: Traveling the World to Find the Good Death by Caitlin Doughty $24.95 – Author of Smoke Gets in Your Eyes expands our sense of what it means to treat the dead with “dignity” by traveling the world and looking at death traditions in other cultures.

The War Nerd Iliad by John Dolan (Feral House) $22.95 – Poet, novelist, essayist, former teacher, and co-producer of the Radio War Nerd weekly podcast John Dolan brings a modern prose translation of Homer’s Iliad, stripping it of the archaic language and showing just how funny, raw, and terrifying this doomed world of war really is, revisiting this tale of Greeks and Trojans still fighting while the gods interfere.

The Super Natural: Why the Unexplained Is Real by Whitley Strieber and Jeffrey J. Kripal $16.00 – The guy who wrote Communion and a religion prof present a perception-altering analysis of why the paranormal is real, but also radically different from what is conventionally understood.


Complete Stories by Kurt Vonnegut $45.00 – This book collects 98 stories written from 1941 to 2007, here for the first time five previously unpublished stories; as well as a handful of others that were published online and read by few.

Neverwhere Illustrated Edition by Neil Gaiman, illustrations by Chris Riddell $19.99


Hi-Fructose #45 New Contemporary Art Magazine $7.95

Lady Churchill’s Rosebud Wristlet #36 $5.00
The Believer #115 Oct Nov 17 $12.00
Sheriff Nottingham #11 $10.00
Distractions by Broken Nose Collective $10.00
The Moomers Journal of moomers studies #11-#14 $7.00 each
Motley Magazine #1 Sum 17 $5.00


The Outback Musician’s Survival Guide: One Guy’s Story of Surviving as an Independent Musician by Phil Circle $17.50 – Don’t miss Phil Circle here to release this book on 10/19!

Confessions of a Transylvanian: A Story of Sex, Drugs and Rocky Horror by Kevin Theis and Ronald Fox $16.95


Incontinence of the Void: Economico-Philosophical Spandrels by Slavoj Žižek $29.95


Grandpa’s Ghost Stories by James Flora (Feral House) $17.95 – Back in print for the first time since 1978, one of the most sought-after of madcap illustrator Jim Flora’s children’s books, best known for his 40s and 50s album cover art.

Anna and Froga: Completely Bubu by Anouk Ricard (D&Q) $19.95

Kids books from Soberscove Press, $10 each: This is True by Selina Trepp, Tic Toc by Arati Rao and Adam Sipe & more.


Tuesday Bassen swag: Girls Stickers $5 per pack, Greeting Cards $4 per card

Moleskine 2018 12 Month Daily Planner, Pocket, Elm Green, Hard Cover $19.95