Works Cited review

Works Cited

Over at the FantagraphicsFlog! blog, Eric Reynolds posts a great review of Works Cited by Zach Huelsing and Matt Kessler of Eye Rocket Books:

WRIGHT PREPARATORY ACADEMY by various – I don’t know who did this (a collective of artists, it seems), or where you can get it, so this might be the most unhelpful web recommendation since hyperlinks were invented. But it’s great, so there! More zine than comics, this is a screenprinted manilla envelope filled with random paper detrius from a (presumably) fictional high school, including permanent student records, diary entries, confiscated notes, etc. Funny stuff, and there is a narrative thread that weaves through some of the elements that makes it greater than the sum of its parts. There was one narrative trick in particular which involved reading two files in a particular order, and I’m not quite sure how the creators could be assured they would be read in the proper order, but in my case they were and the payoff was laugh-out-loud hilarious and I’m totally impressed.