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Graphic Novelist Ezra Claytan Daniels reads from The Changers

May ’04
12:00 am

Graphic Novelist Ezra Claytan Daniels reads from
The Changers
Saturday, May 15th, 7:30 PM
Join Ezra Claytan Daniels in debuting his new project: The Changers Progress Diary, a full-length Audio CD verbally chronicling the circumstances surrounding and influencing the creation of The Changers, one of the most critically acclaimed sci-fi graphic novels of 2003. From inspiration to insecurity, elation to devastation, and beginning to end, The Changers Progress Diary is a unique and unprecedented step into the mind of the artist. Along with the signing there will also be an original art raffle, a live reading, and special guest Grant Reynolds?author of the comics Orange Dirt & Study Group 12.
The Changers is a unique epic of subtle realism that reverentially embraces the conceptual foundations of the Science Fiction genre. The story\’s drama arises from the psychological conflict manifesting between Bisso and Geaza, and the lengths to which each will go to make the other submit. Their positions staked firmly on morally unstable grounds, these are not heroes and villains, but simply people made remarkable by nothing more than the circumstances of their origins – and the emotionally crippling burdens set upon them by those they left behind.
Featuring over 45 minutes of original background music, The Changers Progress Diary CD is the centerpiece of a limited edition (500), signed, numbered bundle which also includes both volumes of The Changers miniseries, all bound together in a semi-transparent, high-quality vellum wrap.
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Minus Times Event

May ’04
12:00 am

Hunter Kennedy and Jeff Johnson of
the Minus Times read Live at Quimby?s
Sunday, April 25th, 4:30 PM
Hunter Kennedy and Jeff Johnson of the Minus Times will be conducting a reading where they will read stories, letters, and personal ads until asked to leave.
Jeff Johnson is the contributing editor for the Minus Times as well as a regular contributor to McSweeney\’s and senior editor at Jane Magazine. Hunter Kennedy is an editor and novelist last known to be hiding out in Charleston, South Carolina.
The current issue of the Minus Times #28 features:
Bell / Berman / deWitt / Foust / Haynes
Johnson / H.Kennedy / T.Kennedy / Laus / Lipsyte
Logan / McKenna / Neely / Rotter / Van Daley
Interview with Stephen Colbert of The Daily Show
Mixed tapes from:
Spoon, Califone, Decemberists, Songs: Ohia