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Stink Like Dog Book Signing with Etienne Le Comte

Jul ’05
12:00 am

Book Signing with Etienne Le ComteSaturday, July 2nd, 4:00 PMFREE
Etienne Le Comte, is the publisher and artist behind Visceral Hump productions who\’s just completed The Stink Like Dog Collected. This collection is 112 pages of crazy drawings, ranging from a simple cartoony style to pictures with a Where\’s Waldo level of visual intensity. Seven years in the making the Stink Like Dog material originally started off as a series of free flyers that were printed together in smaller zines.
Etienne Le Comte is a 32 years old UK native & self-taught artist.
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The Secret Lives of Librarians

Jul ’05
12:00 am

The Secret Lives of Librarians with Jenna Freedman, Travis Fristoe, Jenn Phillips-Bacher, Keith Helt, Celia Perez
Monday June 27th 7:00PM
25,000 library workers will invade Chicago the last weekend in June to attend the American Library Association Annual Conference. Five librarians will break away from the madness of the McCormick Place on Monday, June 27, 2005 to share their passion for those photocopied, cut and paste productions we all know and love–zines! Join this group of zine-making librarians as they read from their zines and reveal the inner lives of librarians that give lie to the stereotype of the repressed bun-wearing, Dewey Decimal obsessed shusher. Donations to benefit the Alternative Press Center are welcomed!
Jenna Freedman, the Coordinator of Reference Services at Barnard College Library in NYC, NY, started a zine collection at the college last year. She is also a member of the library worker activist group Radical Reference that supports activists and independent journalists “online and in the street.” Her zine is the Lower East Side Librarian Winter Solstice Shout-Out.
Learning at a tender age that astronauts had to have perfect vision, Travis Fristoe accepted his bespectacled fate and instead devoted himself to libraries, amateur protest music & salvaging discarded bikes. He’s been doing zines for half his life now, which seems a really long time.
Riot Librarrrian busted out from the minds of two underwhelmed and underworked library school students, Jenn Phillips-Bacher and Sara Pete. Armed with typewriters, glue sticks, and a novice’s moxie, the girls pounded out Issue #1. Team RL left the publishing world for real jobs in Library Land once the zine hit the stands and degrees were in hand. Jenn Phillip-Bacher currently works as a reference librarian at Skokie Public Library (IL).
A librarian-in-training, Keith Helt feels weird about bios in general, but has been making zines since he was a wee lad of 15. When he’s not learning how to archive, he’s fretting about his band, the Rories and the long overdue next issue of his zine, Flotation Device.
Inspired by “Sassy” magazine, punk rock, and the the silly notion that other people care to read all about her business, Celia Perez started making zines many years ago. She still can’t figure out layouts to save her life, but she continues to publish zines including I Dreamed I Was Assertive, and most recently, Skate Tough You Little Girls, a zine about women in skateboarding. She is a reference and instruction librarian at Harold Washington College in Chicago where, in addition to helping students find information, she spends much of her time asking them to turn off their cell phones.
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THE2NDHAND presents an evening of readings!

Jul ’05
12:00 am

THE2NDHAND presents an evening of readings!
Saturday, July 9th, 7:30 PM
THE2NDHAND broadsheet, that 11″x17″ slap of glossy paper you’ve come to know and love over the years, is undergoing something of a metamorphosis. This reading celebrates the last “issue as you know it,” #17, and even now it’s a little fucked-up: I mean, what’s with the color? THE2NDHAND #17 features fiction by American expatriated to Egypt M. Lynx Qualey and Chicagoans Joe Meno and, for the first time in THE2NDHAND, C.T. Ballentine, making this the issue of initials, maybe, to end all issues of initials. OK, seriously, this one is damned good, and it’s the last with more than one writer (THE2NDHAND’s 11″x17″ slap of paper will herewith feature a single, long story), so get out here and pick it up, damnit. We’ll tell you stories while you’re here.
With readings from:
C.T. Ballentine lives and writes in Chicago. His “Never Die During Winter” is featured in THE2NDHAND #17. He also publishes the zine Aftercrossward Special.
Jeb Gleason-Allured is THE2NDHAND’s web submissions editor in addition to being a sort-of genius.
Joe Meno is author most recently of the novel Hairstyles of the Damned and a contributor to a host of magazines and journals, including Punk Planet. A story collection, Bluebirds Used to Croon in the Choir, is due out this fall, and Meno’s “Animals in the Zoo” short story is featured in THE2NDHAND #17
Jonathan Messinger is proprietor at, where he catalogs stories of Chicago’s rapid transit. He’s also a fine writer.
Todd Dills, THE2NDHAND’s editor emeritus, or something, will host.