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Noah Berlatsky Zine Reading

May ’06
12:00 am

Noah Berlatsky zine readingMonday, April 17th7:00 PMFREE
Chicago Reader contributer Noah Berlatsky will read from two new zines: “George Washington In His Last Illness” and “Piaget and Demigods”. Both publications wrestle upwind from fundamental issues: What would Quetzlcoatl do? Who controls lightning better, Ben Franklin or Thor? Why doesn’t Moby just shut up already? Enlightenment will ricochet like sentient bowel movements if you but attend Quimby’s, plus some pizza too.
Noah Berlatsky is also creator of zines such as “Thirteen Ways of Looking At a Blackbird” and “Angry White Clerihew”.

Josh Frank author of Fool the World

May ’06
12:00 am

Josh Frank author of Fool the World
(an oral history of a band called the pixies)Tuesday, May 16th, 7:00 PMFREE
During their initial seven-year career, Pixies would play some of Europe\’s most gigantic festivals, keep the press guessing, and cultivate a fervid international fan base hungry for more and more of their unique surf punk. The band worked fast, cranking out four albums at a breakneck pace, but ultimately the pressures of the road and personality clashes took their toll: Pixies broke up just as bands like Nirvana were singing their praises as the rock\’n\’roll innovators. For twelve years a Pixies reunion seemed impossible, but a sudden announcement in 2004 proclaimed the unthinkable – Pixies were getting back together. Their extremely successful reunion tour finally gave the group something they\’d always lacked in their homeland: proof that their bone-rattling music had left an indelible impact.
Fool the World tells Pixies\’ story in the words of those who lived it, from the band members to studio owners, from A&R executives, producers, and visual artists who worked with them to admirers of their music, such as Bono, PJ Harvey, Beck, and Perry Farrell. With new cartoons by Trompe Le Monde illustrator Steve Appleby and prints by Simon Larbalestier (photographer of all Pixies covers) Fool the World is a complete journey through the life, death, and rebirth of one of the most influential bands of all time.
Fool The World was written in dialogue from the band own words and the words of those who knew them best. Since Josh Frank came from a theatrical background instead of just reading segments on his own, he will bring together a number of talented actors to each read different characters from the book at this event.
Josh Frank is a pop culture dramatist. A director, producer and writer of plays, films, and books, he currently has a number of projects in development and is spending much of his time waiting for his dog to tell him who and what his next book should be about. He is thirty years old and lives in a state of mind somewhere between Austin, Texas and New York City.

Twilight Tales Event

May ’06
12:00 am

Twilight Tales EventSaturday, April 29th, 4:00 PMfree
With Featured Performers:
Martin Mundt the author of “The Crawling Abattoir” and numerous short stories. “The work of newcomer Martin Mundt is sick, insane, surreal, and thoroughly enjoyable. I’m looking forward to more.” ? F. Paul Wilson, author of The Keep and Deep As The Marrow
John Weagley is the author of ” The Undertow of Small Town Dreams” and editor of numerous anthologies. He’s a member of the Horror Writers Association, Mystery Writers of America and a founding member of Iguana Productions. He lives in Chicago with his two cats, Buster and Lolita.
John Everson is winner of the Horror Writers Association’s Bram Stoker Award for first novel, “Covenant.” Signing
Founded in 1993 by award-winning novelist Tina Jens as a weekly fiction reading series, Twilight Tales has brought hundreds of authors from Chicago and around the world to perform their stories live before an audience. More than a decade later, weekly shows are still held every Monday night upstairs at the Red Lion Restaurant & Pub 2446 N. Lincoln Ave. across the street from the Biograph Theater.
Early in its life, Twilight Tales branched out and began collecting the fiction of many of its readers in a series of “sherbet” colored chapbooks. In recent years, the publishing arm of Twilight Tales has moved into producing professional trade paperback anthologies and single author collections.
Twilight Tales readers and anthology contributors have included visiting best-selling authors like Max Allan Collins, Barbara D’Amato, Brian Lumley, Yvonne Navarro, Karen Taylor, Melanie Tem and Gahan Wilson, as well as nationally known local novelists like Robert Weinberg, Gene Wolfe, Algis Budrys, Jay Bonansinga, and many more. The books are available at all Twilight Tales shows, as well as at a variety of bookstores, book and art fairs and genre fiction fandom conventions throughout the year. Over the past several years, Twilight Tales has also featured local, domestic and international authors’ fiction as a part of its web site. Twilight Tales is a volunteer-run venture, and many Chicago area authors and fiction-lovers have contributed to its success over the years.

Handmade Electronic Music Workshop and lecture with author Nicolas Collins

May ’06
12:00 am

Handmade Electronic Music Workshop and lecture with author Nicolas CollinsSaturday, May 13th, 7:00 PMFREE
Handmade Electronic Music: The Art of Hardware Hacking provides a long-needed, practical, and engaging introduction for students of electronic music, installation and sound-art to the craft of making ? as well as creatively cannibalizing ? electronic circuits for artistic purposes. Designed for practioners and students of electronic art, it provides a guided tour through the world of electronics, encouraging artists to get to know the inner workings of basic electronic devices so they can creatively use them for their own ends. Handmade Electronic Music introduces the basic of practical circuitry while along the way instructing the student in basic electronic principles from the practical point of view of an artist. It teaches a style of intuitive and sensual experimentation that has been lost in this day of prefabricated electronic musical instruments whose inner workings are not open to experimentation. It encourages artists to transcend their fear of electronic technology to launch themselves into the pleasure of working creatively with all kinds of analog circuitry.
Nicolas Collins, an active composer and performer of electronic music, is a Professor of Sound at The School of the Art Institute of Chicago. He has led Hacking workshops around the world, from Beijing to Brussels, and has worked with John Cage, Alvin Lucier, David Tudor, and many other masters of modern music.
Additional information can be found at

Xeric Grant winner Cathy Hannah

May ’06
12:00 am

Xeric Grant winner Cathy Hannah presents her graphic novella Winter BeardSaturday, May 6th, 5:30 PMFREE
Cathy Hannah is a 25-year-old comics artist, art historian, and self-proclaimed nerd. She was awarded the fall 2005 Xeric Grant to self-publish her graphic novella, Winter Beard. An 80 page autobiography chronicling one winter on Cathy?s life, Winter Beard tells the story of having a crush on your best friend and all the scheming, hoping, & sadness of telling them how you feel.
Cathy Hannah is a graduate student at The School of the Art Institute in art history. She attended The Savannah College of Art and Design for her undergrad and got a degree in Sequential Art. This is her first solo-published work and comics debut.