Weekly Top 10

1. Big Questions (soft cover edition) by Anders Nilsen (D&Q) $44.95 – Thanks to everybody that came out to both off-site events we sold books at for Anders, at both Lula and the Hideout!
2. Encyclopedia of Doris by Cindy Crabb $18.00
3. F***ing Epic Twitter Quest of @MayorEmanuel by Dan Sinker and Biz Stone (Simon) $12.00
4. Bitch #52 $5.95
5. Design Bureau Sep Oct 11 $8.00
6. lose #3 by Michael Deforge (Koyama) $5.00
7. Believer #83 Sep 11 $8.00
8. The Game by Anders Nilsen $9.00
9. We Are Wisconsin ed. by Erica Sagrans $18.00 – Wisconsin Uprising in the words of the activists writers and everyday wisconsinites who made it happen. Contributors include Michael Moore, Noam Chomsky, Van Jones, John Nichols, Medea Benjamin, Mike Elk, Andy Kroll, Tony Schultz, Ian Murphy, Allison Kilkenny, Billy Wimsatt, Chris Bowers, and more.
10. Archiving the Underground #1 ed. by Jenna Brager and Jami Sailor $2.00