New Stuff This Week

new gifty stuff

We got a bunch o’new gifty stuff! Cat tiki mugs, inflatable cat wizard hats, plague doctor air fresheners, squirrel coffee cups, and more!


People in the Backseat by Bobby Burg $5.00

Loose Ends and Loneliness: A Zine About Transition Times by Allison Felus $3.00


comics by Shin Yin Khor (Sawdust Press):
Desert $4.00
Beast Darling $4.00
Tiny Adventure Journal Goes To Petrified Forest $8.00

American Spirits Freelance Ghostbusters #1 by Andi Santagata $7.00

Sorry Youre Ill by Inbal Amit $3.00

Wage Slaves vol 3 by John Bailey $8.00

Secrets by Jasmin Mejia $3.00


Chicken: A Comic Cat Memoir by Terese Jungle $17.99

Robusto by Wostok and Friends $12.00


Outlaw Bible of American Art by Alan Kaufman (Last Gasp) $39.95

Uptown and Downtown: Old Skool Paintings on NYC Subway Maps by Alan Bortman $34.99

Ferragosto Book 1 by Jonathan David Lange $25.00


You Are Having a Good Time by Amie Barrodale $14.00

Angels of Detroit by Christopher Hebert $27.00

Year Two Hundred by Agustin de Rojas (Restless) $18.99


Oh Florida: How Americas Weirdest State Influences the Rest of the Country by Craig Pittman $26.99


Witchcraft: A Handbook of Magic Spells and Potions by Anastasia Greywolf (Wellfleet Press) $16.99

Supernatural Serial Killers: Chilling Cases of Paranormal Bloodlust and Deranged Fantasy by Samantha Lyon & Daphne Tan (Arcturus Publishing Limited) $9.95

Gangster Women and the Criminals They Loved by Susan McNicoll (Arcturus Publishing Limited) $9.95


Steven Cerio’s ABC Book: A Drug Primer by Steven Cerio $12.95


Elska #6 Istanbul Turkey $18.50

BDSM FAQ Your Antidote to Fifty Shades of Grey by Faith G. Harper $4.00

Good Girls Rot Bad Girls Too by M Zinkovitch $5.00


Juxtapoz #187 Aug 16 $6.99

Fader #104 $6.99

Furore #21 $15.00

Wicked Vision Magazine vol #1 $18.00

Puss Puss #4 $24.95

Sneaker Freaker #35 $12.95

Sick Muse #3 Jun 16 $5.00

Tom Tom Magazine #26 Roots $6.00


After Hours #32 and #33 Sum 16 Journal of Chicago Writing and Art Afterhours $15.00

Monocle vol 10 #95 Jul 16 $12.00