New Stuff 3/22/08

Well the rest of the month is event free so we are gonna focus on straitening up all the shelves and getting you the hottest books!!!

New Stuff Mar 22nd 2008

Green Anarchy #25 $4.00 John Zerzan on Virtual Reality! I bet he hates it!
Seven Year Sleepover By Jacinta Bunnell $1.50
Punchlines by Dan Gleason $2.00 Chicago’s own madman strikes again!
Razorcake #43 $4.00
High Times May 08 $4.99
Bust Apr May 08 $4.99
Juxtapoz #87 Apr 08 $4.99
Urb Mar – Apr 08 $4.99
Wire Mar 08 $10.99
Shots #99 $5.95
Tape Op #64 $4.50

Comics & Graphic Novels
Haunted by Philippe Dupuy $24.95
Arab in America $14.95 Toufic El Rassi
Mineshaft #21 $6.95
Voroidae by Caroline Smith $15.00
Batman Killing Joke HC $17.99 Deluxe Edition
Tank Girl Armadillo by Alan Martin $9.95
Conception by Ricky Gonzales $3.00
Fables #71 $2.99
Unkraut Comic Magazin $4.00 From a comic/art collective in Europe

New Books
Complex $24.00 How the Military Invades Our Everyday Lives
Peel $27.95 Art of the Sticker, Peel magazine kicks out a book with stickers too!
Sound Unbound by Paul D Miller $29.99 Sampling Digital Music and Culture
Death Desire & the Doll $29.95 Life and Art of Hans Bellmer
Somebody Scream $25.00 Rap Musics Rise In the Aftershock of Black Power
Ten Cent Plague $26.00 How the comic book scare changed America
A la Cart by Hillary Carlip $17.95
Odyssey by Simon Armitage $14.95 this has an Anders Nilsen designed cover!
Fires in the Middle School Bathroom $24.95 Advice for teachers from middle schoolers!
Bad Asses Book by Mark Todd $8.00
Romeo & Juliet by Esther Pearl Watson $8.00
Man in a Room by David Shrigley $4.00
Monster That Ate Stars by Souther Salazar $4.00

Lenore PVC Set Series 2 $19.99 Perfect Goth Gift!
Glow Finger Zombies $.50 Glow zombies for less then a buck, how can you not!
Tour Diary Travel Companion $14.00 designed by Allison Cole
Annual Weekly Planner Vol 2 Spiral Bound $16.00