Council to Save the Planet Celebrates Earth Day

Apr ’08
7:00 pm

If we don’t save the planet, THEY will!

Come meet the “Council To Save the Planet” and be treated to a “Tour of Heaven” In celebration of Earth Day and to promote this prescient speculative eco-parable, Quimby’s will host a reading of the 10-minute play “A Tour of Heaven”

Monday, April 21st, 7:00 pm. Quimby’s Bookstore, 1850 W. North Avenue

“If you think Global Warming is a thing of the future, it’s not. It’s
happening now” — Steve Croft — “60 Minutes (CBS)

A story of Global Triage to save…a few. “The Council To Save the Planet” is good old-fashion speculative fiction that mixes drama with hard science in the best of the old masters, Hubbard, Clark & Bradbury.

“Our planet faces a number of difficult challenges…and I particularly appreciate [Conrad’s] commitment to the preservation and protection of our environment. [Conrad’s] continued activism and interest in the environment, along with [his] support and encouragement are essential to the success of our efforts.” — Al Gore

“The Council to Save the Planet is a must read for anyone interested in the survival of the Earth and its environment. Author, Conrad Lawrence, has rendered a wonderful piece of speculative fiction, depicting the near future where people are given a second chance to learn to better care for their planet. It ranges from drama, to pathos, to the comedic with a brief glimpse into the far future.” — Chicago Magazine