New Stuff 6/9/07

Sure this was from last week but it was gone so fast, we had to reorder so here we go again The latest CD by Lungfish frontman and new-weird-american acid queen Daniel A.I.U Higgs comes in a Limited edition hardcover book featuring his paintings and poetry. The CD is a full length album recorded in his home and is intended to be experienced with the book. So get on it before its gone!

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New Stuff to Hit Our Shelves on the Week ending 6/ 8/07

New Mags and Zines:
Wire #279 $10.99 Wire Tapper #17 CD and a guide to Dubstep!
Believer #45 $10 The annual music issue with an audio CD
Wax Poetics #23 $7.99 I’m Rick James B…!
Signal to Noise #46 $4.95
Video Watchdog #48 $4.99
Giant Robot #48 $4.99
Urb Jun 07 $4.99
Anthem #28 $5.95
ForteanTimes #223 $11.25

New New Comics and Minis and Graphic Novels:
Three Paradoxes by Paul Hornschemeier $14.95
Fun Never Stops by Drew Friedman $16.95 An Anthology of Comic Art 1991-2006
Fun Home SC by Alison Bechdel $13.95
Exit Wounds by Rutu Modan $19.95
Superior Showcase #2 $2.95
Sock Monkey The Inches Incident #4 $2.99
House by Josh Simmons $12.95
Elvis Road by the Elvis Studio $24.95
Black Diamond Detective Agency $16.95 by Eddie Campbell
Lost Colony Book 2 by Grady Klein $16.95

Brand New Books:
Aranzi Machine Gun vol 1 $9.95 Cute comics, DIY Patterns and more
Beat by Christopher Felver $29.95 The Beats are back?
And a Bottle of Rum $13.95 History of the New World in Ten Cocktails
Tearing Down the Wall of Sound $26.95 Rise and fall of Phil Spector
Secrets of the Mysterious Valley By Christopher O’Brien $19.95
J Rock Groupies $19.95 200 Photographs of Unique Japanese Girls
Brief History of Secret Societies $14.95
Big Book of Buds vol 3 $22.95
Center of the Cyclone $14.95
Soon I Will Be Invincible by Austin Grossman $22.95
Secret Lives of the Civil War $16.95
Let’s Wrestle by David Shrigley $9.95 US Edition
Erotica and Porn and Sex Culture and Dirty Comics
Housewives At Play Friends and Neighbors by Rebecca $9.95
Little Bit Naughty Book of Sex Toys $10.00
Smart Girls Guide to the G-Spot $14.95
Homosex $15.95
AG #59 Super Erotic Anthology $4.99
Make Your Own Sex Toys $14.95 DIY Sex Crafts
Puppy Tales by Puppy Sharon $18.95 Puppy Papers 2
Future of Misbehavior 2033 edited by $22.95 Future Sex

CDS DVDs Gifts and Accessories for hip lifestyles
Unicorn vs. Narwhal $10 Play set with Magical Battle Horns

Notable Restocks: Old but New Again:
Atomic Yggdrasil Tarot by Daniel Higgs $15.95 First stack flew out!