Quimby’s, one of Chicago’s 10 best bookstores

An article in Friday’s Chicago Tribune calls Quimby’s one of of Chicago’s 10 best bookstores, but please folks, don’t hold it against us. Kidding. I kid! Between Greg Kot, Metromix and the Red Eye, the Chicago Tribune is a regular wild and crazy guy. Anyway, it’s a nice piece that focuses on independently-owned, neighborhood bookstores, such as Quimby’s, Women and Children First, Seminary Co-op and others. Link (bound to expire.)

In other , New City‘s biannual “Lit 50” list of Chicago’s literary pimps and players puts Quimby’s very own Col. McCormick, Eric Kirsammer, at number 40. It’s a full two spot improvement from their 2005 list! Lookout, Oprah!