New Stuff This Week



Scene History Series vol 1: Punk In NYCs Lower East Side 1981-1991 by Ben Nadler (Microcosm) $4.95

How to Talk to Your Cat About Abstinence presented by The American Association of Patriots $2.00 – The third in the red, white & blue Cat Talk trilogy has arrived, in virginal white, to instruct Concerned Patriots in how to properly steer their growing cats away from the path of sin and licentuousness and into the loving hands of American Jesus. Because no one wants a slatternly cat. Let a promise ring be your flea collar! -GS

I Dont Know How To Help You by Jessie Duke (Pioneers) $5.00

Margin Creep #4 $6.00

Every Day Failures #1 a Punk Stuck In Suburbia by Sarah B. $4.00

Buffy the Anarcho Syndicalist by Tom Sutton $2.00

Simple Steps to a Life Less Shitty Second Edition by Adam Gnade (Pioneers Press) $5.00

Country Grind Quarterly #5 Win 15 $2.00

Wittgenstein Is by Abigail Ham $2.00

And I Am the Angriest Girl by Yewon Kwon $5.00

Deep Breathing by Julianna Green $5.00

Speak Out: A Zine Exploring Gendered Violence, by Julia Fogelson and Mary Mykhaylova, courtesy of Speak Out Santa Cruz $3.00

Spectacle, issues #1-#4 by Marta Chudolinska $4.00 each

New CrimethInc zines! $4.00 each: Self as Other Reflections on Self Care, Accounting For Ourselves Breaking the Impasse Around Assault and Abuse in Anarchist Scenes

Comics & Minis

Ink For Beginners a Comic Guide To Getting Tattooed by Kate Leth $4.00
Quite the Drop by Christopher Green

Designer Original by Sean Christensen $3.00

Chase Scenes Gridlords Anthology $10.00 – Entirely comprised of moments within the chase. Work by  Yumi Sakugawa,  Andrice Arp, Theo Ellsworth & more.
Eggshell Sword Raymond Ray by M. Pearson $3.00

What I Have Been Doing by Andrice Arp $5.00

Sex Magic by Hawkins $5.00
Anchored by Ariel Chan $3.50

Persistence by Yewon Kwon $5.00

Super Hero Kim #1 by Richard Larios $3.00

Running Habit by R. Burns $3.00

S #21 Baltic Comics Magazine $12.00

Mini Kus #33 BFF by Marie Jacotey $5.00

Graphic Novels & Trade Paperbacks

Drawn & Quarterly: Twenty?five Years of Contemporary Cartooning, Comics, and Graphic Novels by Tom Devlin (D&Q) $49.95 – 800 page baby featuring new work by Kate Beaton, Chester Brown, Michael DeForge, Tom Gauld, Miriam Katin, Rutu Modan, James Sturm, Jillian Tamaki, Yoshihiro Tatsumi alongside rare and never-before-seen work from Guy Delisle, Debbie Drechsler, Julie Doucet, John Porcellino, Art Spiegelman, and Adrian Tomine, and a cover by Tom Gauld. Editor Tom Devlin digs into the company archives for rare photographs, correspondence, and comics; assembles biographies, personal reminiscences, and interviews with key D+Q staff; and curates essays by Margaret Atwood, Sheila Heti, Jonathan Lethem, Deb Olin Unferth, Heather O’Neill, Lemony Snicket, Chris Ware, and noted comics scholars.
The Oven by Sophie Goldstein (Adhouse) $12.95 – The story of a young couple getting more than they bargained for looking for an anti-government paradise. Don’t miss Sophie Goldstein here at Quimby’s on 7/10!

The League of Regrettable Superheroes: Half-Baked Heroes from Comic Book History by Jon Morris $24.95

An Entity Observes All Things by Box Brown (Retrofit Comics) $12.00

Sea Urchin by Laura Knetzger (Retrofit Comics) $8.00

Advice Comics #1 $20.00 – Risographed anthology.

Art & Design

The Ghosts of Ellis Island (Damiani) $39.95 – Maus Artist Art Spiegelman collaborates with photographer JR, illustrating on photographs of the Ellis Island Immigrant Hospital.

What’s Your Story? True Experiences From Complete Strangers by Brandon Doman $29.99

One Thing Leads To Another: The Posters and Art of Dan Stiles (PowerHouse) $24.95

Snake Eyes: A Nicolas Cage Activity Book by Haunt Me Studio (Belly Kids) $12.00

BA. KU. Kult Skating Dark Rituals by by Anthony Tafuro, Deer Man of Dark Woods; Deep Leviathon Dweller (PowerHouse) $40.00 – Barrier Kult. They’re an assembly of incognito professional skateboarders that ritualize their skill on concrete barriers in Vancouver. The team is promoted by and has worked with countless bands in the black metal/noise community and feels that the genre has been able to loan the group its face and image.


Strange Bodies: A Novel by Marcel Theroux $16.00 – From the author of Far North.

Only Words That Are Worth Remembering by Jeffrey Rotter $26.00

Music & Entertainment Media Books

Making a Scene: New York Hardcore in Photos, Lyrics & Commentary Revisited by Bri Hurley and Chris Daily (Buttergoose Press) $18.00

Take the Manic Ride: The Photography and Artwork of Fred Hammer (Rev Records) $14.00 – Over 200 photographs by Nardcore legend and hardcore/punk photographer Fred Hammer. Bands include Bl’ast!, Bad Religion, Gorilla Biscuits, The Rival Mob, Ceremony, Youth Of Today, Bold, Negative Approach, 7 Seconds, Agnostic Front, Terror, RKL, Strife, Floorpunch, Underdog, Sick Of It All, Converge, Cro-Mags, Youth Brigade, Adolescents, Good Riddance, Dr. Know, Stalag 13, Ill Repute, Agression, Nails, Danzig and more. Includes free 18″ x 24″ poster and sticker.

Do Not Sell At Any Price: The Wild, Obsessive Hunt for the World’s Rarest 78rpm Records by Amanda Petrusich $16.00

Console Wars: Sega, Nintendo, and the Battle that Defined a Generation by Blake J. Harris $15.99

Funny on Purpose: The Definitive Guide to an Unpredictable Career in Comedy: Standup + Improv + Sketch + TV + Writing + Directing + YouTube by Joe Randazzo (Chronicle) $18.95



Geek Knits: Over 30 Projects for Fantasy Fanatics, Science Fiction Fiends, and Knitting Nerds JOAN OF DARK aka Toni Carr $21.99


Soy Not Oi vol 2 With Over 200 Original Vegan Recipes by the Hippycore Krew (Culture At All Costs Publishing) $20.00 – Cast off the chains of corporate food dependency! Twenty-five years after the publication of the original Soy Not Oi, the Hippycore Krew returns with a second volume featuring a worldwide cast of contributors! Over two hundred original vegan recipes, and suggested musical accompaniments.


Juxtapoz #174 Jul 15 $6.99

Apartamento #15 $19.95

The Great Discontent #3 Possibility Issue $25.00

Kenzine vol 3 $35.00

Offscreen #11 $22.00

Highsnobiety #10 Spr Sum 15 $19.99

High Times Jul Aug 15 $5.99

Gather #7 Sum 15 Spectrum $19.99

Smith Journal #14 $20.50

AdBusters Jul Aug 15 $12.95

Lit Journals & Chap Books

Lady Churchills Rosebud Wristlet #32 Jun 15 $5.00

Overtime #36 Along the Water Line by Tom Wayman $2.00