New Stuff This Week

So What If It’s True from the Notebooks of Lorri Jackson (Thrice Publishing) $10.95


PWF Pro Wrestling Feelings #5 by Ed Blair $5.00 – A fanzine devoted to articulating and unpacking the emotional resonance of the greatest sport of all time.

Drome #1 Win 16 $15.00

Lady holistic healing zines:
Queen Anne’s Lace as Herbal Fertility Management $6.00
Holistic Healing After a Miscarriage by Samantha Zipporah and Molly Dutton-Kenny $9.00
Holistic Healing after Abortion $9.00

Sick Muse #8 Jul 17 by Noah Jones $5.00

At Work with Thomas Kong by Dan Miller with Illustrations by Ruby T (Half Letter Press/Temporary Services/Self-Reliance Library) $8.00 – Visual display, documentation and writing about back room of a food stuff in Chicago that houses the many projects of collaborative artists. Collages of business cards, shopping baskets and more!


Mutations #3 by Elsa Trash $5.00

Trick by Burn Bjoern $2.00

In This by Marie Vermont $5.00

Hang On by Perk Up $5.00

Nachste Seite by Max Freuno (Soybot) $4.00

Frankie Comics #4 by Rachel Dukes $3.00


Upgrade Soul #3 by Ezra Claytan Daniels $15.00

Sharkman vol 1 Sharkman Vs the Illuminati by Leo Mancini $14.00


Cursed in Cairo by Chris Clavin $13.00


Re Marks Remarks by Dutes Miller $8.00


Lula #24 Sum Fall 17 Girl of My Dreams $18.99

Mojo #285 Aug 17 Jimi Hendrix $10.99

Offscreen #17 The Human Side of Technology $20.00

True Crime Detective Monthly Jul 17 $9.99


Gold Leafing by Hannah Aenene $10.00

Sea Shells Soulful Journeys by Archita Buch $10.00

Omen Amen by Morgan Eldridge (Monster House Press) $12.00

Golden Wedding Whiskey by Suzanna Zak $15.00