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Weirdo Du Jour #3 Line Cook Love by K. Ratticus $1

Carrot Informer Magazine $8

Restless City #1 $5

Stim and Sensory Toys by Clementine Penner $2

Unusual Places of the Chicago Suburbs #2 Hidden Nuclear Missile Park by Eric Kammerer $4

Yarn Bomb #3 & #4 $20 each

More Hands by Joshua Bohnsack $3

Scorpion Bowl: A Story by Joseph Demes $5

Zines by Indigo Field: Strawberry Jam $10, Angel Papers $5 + more

Wonders From Western Ave by Mac and Emma $24.99

Zines from Two Headed Dog Publications, by Saoirse Finn and friends: Something Special #3 $10, Solidarity 4Ever a Collaborative Zine $10 and more.


The Future #10 the End of Everything Immediately by Tommi Musturi $6

New photo zines from Mary Miller $12 each

Moment In Time $2

Graphic Novels

Thunder and Lightning by Kimberly Wang (Silver Sprocket) $13.99

Witchy Shit

Llewellyn’s Little Book of Witchcraft by Deborah Blake $14.99

Spirits, Seers and Seances: Victorian Spiritualism, Magic and the Supernatural by Steele Alexandra Douris $16.99

Small Magics: Practical Secrets From an Appalachian Village Witch by H. Byron Ballard $17.99


Atavic Fear of Hailstorms: A Novella by Joao Reis $14

Burnt Sienna by Joshua Bohnsack $8

Sex With My Family Fictions by Jessica Anne $14

Chap Books

lonely line breaks: ChatRQT by Robbie Q. Telfer $10

Lit Journals

Oyez Review #50 $8


International Review #170 $3

From the students over at 826CHI down the street!:

Within by Eddy McGhee $10

Chicken In Oshean by Lucas Kohng $16

El Chiquito Big Book: Writing From the Students of Pickard Elementary $20

Things That Give Us Butterflies: Writing From the Students of 826ChI’s After School Writing Lab $15

All the Beauty It Brings: Writing by 826CHI’s Teen Writers Studio $15

Other Stuff

Stickers from Bumpin’ Uglies!
Patches from Retrograde Supply Co!

…And more!