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Quimby’s 32nd Anniversary T-shirt, designed by Vichcraft $34.99

Set of 5 Vichcraft Quimby’s Bookplates! $10


2 Crap Hounds, $20 each!!:
Additions 2023
The Collected Extras & Black Cat Mini Issue

Bookshelf Voyeur #5 Mini Zines and Me by L J Williams $10

Monsterama #4 Nostalgia Driven Horror Art, Your Retro Horror Zine by Allan Graves $20

Postcards from Irving #5 by Tyler $3

Urges #1 by Erick Freitas and Derick Jones $10

I Used To Be The Sun: A Zine by Sula Found $6

UOWOUGH by Kelly Wang $10

Qwerty Quarterly #2 The Official Publication of Qwertyfest MKE: Chaos at the Clackathon by Molly Snyder and Tea Krulos $5

With or Without You by DeVontez $11

Angels by Veronica Timble $15

Zines by Kaden West: Beelzebub and His Many Appearances, Envy & many more.

Zines by Nick DiLollo: Cats, God’s Voicemail, Pale Ales and Power Rangers and more.


Gutter Hunter #3 The Adults Only Guide to History’s Wildest Independent Comics by Robin Bougie $14

Ride at Your Own Risk: A Collection of Memoir Comics by S. Maloney $10

I’m Not Really Here #1 by Derick Jones $10

Swan The Vulture #7 by Anna Vo $5

Venomyths #6 & #7 by Joshua Ray Stephens, $20 each

When We Were Trekkies #6 & #7 by Joe Sikoryak, $4 each

Graphic Novels

Monica by Daniel Clowes (Fantagraphics) $30

Time Under Tension by M.S. Harkness (Fantagraphics) $24.99

Blackward by Lawrence Lindell (D+Q) $22.95

Politics & Revolution Books

Culture Strike: Art and Museums In an Age of Protest by Laura Raicovich $19.95


Creep: Accusations and Confessions by Myriam Gurba $27


Tape Op #157 $5.99


Coyote’s Song: Collected Poems & Selected Art of Carlos Cortez Koyokuikatl, edited by Carlos Cumpian and David Ranney $20

Witchy Shit

The Beginner Witch’s Handbook: Essential Spells, Folk Traditions, and Lore for Crafting Your Magickal Practice by Leah Middleton $21.99

For the Young at Heart

Paddle Rat by Rex Flodstrom $20


Social Justice Kittens 2024 by Liartown USA $20