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Cicada Zine by Ana and Echo $1

Christian New Age Quarterly vol 26 #3 Spr 24 edited by Catherine Groves $3.50

Post No Signs #1 Skateboards $15

Digestif #1 by Brianna Dingeldein $10

Be Willing to Part With Some Insistence Then Freedom Comes $3

Load Zwift $2

Room Tone #3 by Kurt $3

Loculus #1 iOSR by RSP (Two Clowns in a Hole Press) $10


Perception Through a Gap by Katie Lane $15

Drawing of the Passion of Christ by Bartholomew $15

Comics by Angela Fanche: Humility Machine $10 + WWREC #1 & #2 (both with Max Burlingame) $10 each

Comics from Secret Room Press:
by Ross Jackson Joe Boss $15, Spelunker Solitaire $8
by John James: E Therapy Online $5, In Darkness Without Fear $2
by Kevin Reilly: Snowman $8

Salamander Deep by Chana Goldbloom $10

Voice From the Black Sea – A Brooding Mariner’s Tale by Eric DeSantis $6

Comics by Cecilia Jane: Floof $6, Bonsai Trees $6, Beanie Baby Shop $8, Small Dumb Comics #1 $5, Poppi $4, How to Fill Your Sketchbook $5

Graphic Novel

Clippings by Gabby Golec $24.99

by Sean Christensen: Pattern Grows Clearer (Secret Room Press) $24.99

Music + Film Books

Ideal For Living a Celebration of the EP – Extended Play by Corey du Browa and Friends (Hozac Books) $23.99

Where Are Your Boys Tonight?: The Oral History of Emo’s Mainstream Explosion 1999-2008 by Chris Payne $19.99

Macabras: The Horror Comic Art of Jayme Cortez (Korero Books) $29.99

Dream Machines: Electronic Music in Britain From Doctor Who to Acid House by Matthew Collin $36.99


Kinky History: A Rollicking Journey Through Our Sexual Past, Present, and Future by Esmé Louise James $30


The Dunning-Kruger Effect: A Novel by Andrés Stoopendaal $27.99

WannaBeat by David Polonoff (Trouser Press Books) $17.50

The Abyss: A Novel by Fernando Vallejo $15.95

The Greatest Whole by A.A. Khan [aka King Khan] (First to Knock/Khannibalism) $18

Outer Limits Books

Dead Drunk: Tales of Intoxication and Demon Drinks edited by Pam Lock (British Library’s Tales of the Weird Series) $16.99

A History of Witchcraft: Sorcerers, Heretics & Pagans by Jeffrey B. Russell & Brooks Alexander $16.95


Broken Pencil #102 $9.95

Lit Journals

McSweeneys #74 Packed In a Lunch Box Designed by Art Spiegelman (Sale date 6/27!)

Undertheorized #1 Fall Win 2023 edited by Emily C. Kuret $10

Bumpin’ Uglies new stickers (and restocks)!
Notebooks and blank cards from Laughing Elephant!
Stickers from Ren-O-Graphics!