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Boy Luv #1 Boys Get Wet $11.11

Faux Wood Paneling #5 by Wade T. $7

Zines by Molly Rosen Marriner/Jane Justice Leibrock:
Stressful Awkward Envied $15
Content Queen #5 $6
Employee Picks Movies $4

Pour L’Amour de Jean Desbordes (Mattazine Society) $12

In the Heart – In the Shadows – Over Hands – Inside Mouths by William J. O’Brien $10

OneMan NoName: A Record of Experience #4 by Lyndon Johnson $10

Risometric Isometric Explorations in Riso by Hali Kleinfeld $15

Zines by Lucy Rose Till-Campbell:
Summer Days $8
Persimmon $6
Eliza and the Boring Walks $10

Beautiful Truth by Dexter Froud $1.75

Manhole Covers the World Underfoot by Allison C. Meier and Bronwyn Hazelwood $12


by Mel Stringer $10 each: Broken Branches #2 + Shit Dates #3

Tetanos #5 edited by Abraham Diaz (Neoglyphic Media) $16

Simple Life by Connor Wirth $3

Comics Blogger by Thomas issues #7-#9 $5 each

It’s Oola Too by Karl Christian Krumpholz $10

Comics by El Sol:
Pancake Boy Adventures $15
Goodkush Love and Friendship $11

Why Are You Looking At Me Like That by Lily Christou $20

Graphic Novels

Now vol 13 Fantagraphics New Comics Anthology $12.99

Being Being by Jason Overby (Neoglyphic Media) $12

Passion of Gengoroh Tagame: Master of Erotic Gay Manga vols 1 and 2 (Fantagraphics) $64.99

Petar & Liza by Miroslav Sekulic-Struja (Fantagraphics) $39.99

Suffrage Song: The Haunted History of Gender, Race and Voting Rights in the U.S. by Caitlin Cass (Fantagraphics) $34.99

All My Bicycles by Powerpaola (Fantagraphics) $19.99

Age 16 by Rosena Fung (Annick Press) $17.99

Smut Peddler Presents: My Monster Girlfriend edited by Andrea Purcell & Amanda Lafrenais (Iron Circus) $30

Tombly Under Fire by Jared Jones $20

Godfly by Ryan Oliver and Jeff Kuhnie $24

Skyline vol 2 by Chris Resnick $10

Art Books

Judy Chicago: Revelations with text by Martha Easton $39.95

New Editions of Stickerbomb vols 1 and 2 $24.99 each

CANNABIS WORKS 2 Tatsuyuki Tanaka Art Book (PIE International) $39.95

Fiction Books

Middle of the Night: A Novel by Riley Sager $30

Ministry of Time: A Novel by Kaliane Bradley $28.99

Toe Rag by Ruan Bradford Wright $15

Music & Film Books

Infinite Dreams: The Life of Alan Vega by Laura Davis-Chanin & Liz Lamere $40

Desperately Seeking Something: A Memoir About Movies, Mothers, and Material Girls by Susan Seidelman $30

Post-Punk and Philosophy: Rip It Up and Think Again by Joshua Heter & Richard Greene $24.95

Under a Rock: A Memoir by Chris Stein $30

Shortcomings: A Screenplay by Adrian Tomine (Drawn & Quarterly) $29.95

Hip-Hop Is History by Questlove with Ben Greenman $30

Mayhem & Outer Limits

Breaking the Curse: A Memoir of Trauma, Healing, and Italian Witchcraft by Alex DiFrancesco $18.95

100 Places to See After You Die: A Travel Guide to the Afterlife by Ken Jennings $18.99

2025 Witch’s Diary – Northern Hemisphere Seasonal Planner by Flavia Kate Peters & Barbara Meiklejohn-Free $14.95

The Ultimate Guide to Japanese Yokai: Ghosts, Demons, Monsters and Other Mythical Creatures from Japan by Zack Davisson $19.99

Warrior Monk’s Manual for Navigating the Apocalypse – Prophecies, Predictions and Processes for the End Times by Jia Senghe $24

Essay(ish) Books

Moby Dyke: An Obsessive Quest To Track Down The Last Remaining Lesbian Bars In America by Krista Burton $19.99

You Could Make This Place Beautiful: A Memoir by Maggie Smith $19.99


Gender: Your Guide, 2nd Edition: The Gender-Friendly Primer on What to Know, What to Say, and What to Do in the New Gender Culture by Lee Airton $17.99


RFD #198 $11.95

Poetry & Chap Books

What by John Cooper Clarke $24.99

Returning to Earth with Additional Tools by Nate Hoil $9

Cattle by Han Dee Hugo $9