New Stuff This Week

Tales Designed to Thrizzle #7 by Michael Kupperman (Fantagraphics) $4.95 – In this issue Quincy, M.E. makes his comic book debut, struggling through the fantastic landscapes of his own dreams in “Quinception,” in which St. Peter also gets his own comic book. Snake ‘n’ Bacon make an appearance in “Reservoir Dogs 2,” where the gang reunites for another caper. Twain and Einstein deal with some family issues, McArf the Crime Dog takes a bite out of scum, and the origin of The Hamanimal! Plus a photocomic starring comedian Julie Klausner, “Voyage To Narnia.”

Archive vol 3 #2 Newsletter From the Green Lantern by the consistently charming Caroline Picard and Green Lantern Gallery friends. With illustrations by local comics artist Ian “I Don’t Understand Farming” Endsley.
Dope Bag #1 by A. Ford $1.00 – Whether at war with your anatomy diagram or making peace with your personal magnetic field, Dope Bag delivers a full 6 sixths of a medium pie and your daily dose of collaged subconscious. -EF

various issues of Mumbo by David Tosh $6.00 each
When the Crash Meets Something Solid #9 A Fault to Fall Back On by Gabrielle Congrave $3.00
Kung Fu Grip #5 Afro Samuri Champloo by Paco Taylor $3.50
Brief History of Corporations – Where Did They Come From? Bristol Radical Pampleteer #3 by Daniel Bennett $4.50
Aurthur and the Whale by Leslie Perrine $3.00 – From the Chicago-based zinester of Chicago Zine Fest organizer fame.
Kids in Idaho by Travis Neal Todd $3.00

Comics and Comix
Terminal Fuze 2012 Natonal Waste Calendar by Leif Goldberg $24.00 – Leif’s National Waste calendars have been blowing the fuze for a decade. Gorgeous gorgeous slayer layers, this is the way to ring in the new year and keep it ringing. Fully fermented silkscreen genius. -EF

Amateurs #1 by Conor Stechshulte $8.00
Black Mass #6 by Patrick Kyle $6.00

Holleweg #1 Hollow Road $5.00
Late Era Clash #24 by Mike Taylor (Pegacorn Press) $5.00
Scepter Gem #1 Magic Universe by Madeline Bliss $2.00
Dont Follow Me Silkscreened Book by Jen Tong $30.00
Ghost Heat Up issues #1-#3 by Anthony Meloro $8.00 each
Raw Power King Size Retrofit Comics Annual Dec 11 by Josh Bayer $6.50
Oak and Linden #3 by Pat Barrett $4.50
Oak and Linden #4 Dental Damned by Pat Barrett $2.00
Pino Town Part 1 by Matteson Avery Pino and Marissa N. Cameron (Pino) $10.00
Morbid Dork #1 by Alex Nall $3.00
Natural World #2 and #4 by Damien Jay (Sparkplug) $4.00 each
Virtuous Rise of the Matriarchy by Fiona Smyth (Sparkplug) $5.00
Pregenesis by Neta Levinson $7.00

Radical Brewing Work Energy Commoning and Beer – Bristol Radical Pamphleteer #10 by Steve Stuffit $4.50

Graphic Novels and Trade Paperbacks
500 Portraits by Tony Millionaire (Fantagraphics) $22.99 – Maakies and Sock Monekey superstar did a bunch of illustrations for The Believer and what have you.
Jack Davis – Drawing American Pop Culture: A Career Retrospective (Fantagraphics) $49.99
Comic Torah HC Reimagining the Very Good Book by Sharon Rosenzweig and Aaron Freeman $29.75 – Now in a fancy hardcover. Hannukah starts Dec 21st.
Walt and Skeezix vol 5 HC 1929 through 1930 – Including special DVD of Frank King’s home movies (D&Q) $39.95
Airy Tales by Olga Volozova (Sparkplug) $15.00
Jim Hensons Tale of Sand the Lost Screenplay by Jim Henson et al. (Archaia) $29.95
New X Men TPB vol 8 by Grant Morrison (Marvel) $14.99
Complete Battlefields SC vol 1  by Garth Ennis et al. (Dynamite) $24.99
Fables vol 16 Super Team by Bill Willingham et al. (Vertigo) $14.99
Walking Dead TPB vol 15 We Find Ourselves by R. Kirkman et al. (Image) $14.99

Art & Design Books
Positive Creations: The Visionary Art of Chris Dyer (Schiffer) $39.99
Graffiti Underworld: Villians, Vandals, and Visionaries by JR Mathews (Feral) $29.95

Mayhem, Miscreants, Memoirs & Misc
Steampunk Magazine: The First Years #1 through #7 (Combustion) $20.99 – We had the first 2 issues back in the day. Then they took most of it online. Well here are the first issues. Splendid!
To Live Outside the Law: Caught By Operation Julie – Britain’s Biggest Drugs Bust by Leaf Fielding (Serpants Tail) $18.95
Fug You: An Informal History of the Peace Eye Bookstore, The Fuck You Press by Ed Sanders (Da Capo) $26.99 – All about the Fugs counterculture on the lower east side. By the author of The Family.
Robin Hood, Peoples Outlaw and Forest Hero: A Graphic Guide by Paul Buhle and friends (PM Press) $15.00
Mammoth Book of Weird But True by Geoff Tibballs (Running Press) $13.95
50 Things Youre Not Supposed to Know Religion by Daniele Bolelli (Disinfo) $12.95

Poltics & Revolution
Fukushima Mon Amour by Daniel De Roulet et al. (Autonomedia) $9.95
Communization and its Discontents Contestation Critique and Contemporary Struggle by Noys Benjamin (Autonomedia) $24.00
Pistoleros!: The Chronicles of Farquhar McHarg: Volume 1: 1918 by Farquhar McHarg (PM Press) $18.95 – n Farquhar McHarg’s autobiography, a young boy from Glasgow finds himself in the middle of Barcelona’s revolutionary underworld at the tail end of World War I. Volume One chronicles McHarg’s liaisons between the British Secret Service Bureau and the Spanish anarchists.
On the Ground: An Illustrated Anecdotal History of the Sixties Underground Press by Sean Stewart (PM Press) $20.00

Music Books
Balance European Hardcore by Tom Barry and Kon Sophia Schorr (MBP) $40.00

Poetry, Lit Mags and Chap Books
Logan Square Literary Review #9 $7.00

Grantland Quarterly vol 1 $25.00 – McSweeneys rolls out a sports mag with writers like Chuck Klosterman.
Bizarre #183 Jan 12 $10.50
Wallpaper Jan 12 $10.00
Used #2 Fall Win 11 $14.99
Shots #114 Win 11 $6.50
True Crime Winter Special 11 20 All True Murder Stories $6.99
Hunger #1 Win 11 $12.99
High Times Feb 12 $5.99
Clash #68 $6.99

Sex & Sexy
World of Gloria Badcock: A Comic for Adults by Maurice Vellekoop (Koyama) $5.00

Other Stuff
“This Economy Sucks” Coin Purse $3.99
“Keep It Real” Pocket Box $5.99
“Contraband” Junior Treasure Box $5.99
“Eat At Home” Dish Towel $9.95
Assorted wacky candles, various prices
“Art Supplies” Cigar Box $14.99
“Cameras” pencil case $4.99
Terminal Fuze 2012 Natonal Waste Calendar by Leif Goldberg $24.00 – Every year this hot screen-printed calendar sells out. Get yours now.
Elisabet Ericson 2012 Calendar by Elisabet Ericson $8.00