Best Former Webcomic That Turned into a Minicomic That Turned Back into a Webcomic of the Week

Liz Baillie’s minicomic serial, Freewheel, is a fun follow up to her more serious My Brain Hurts, and shows her growing by leaps and bounds in the field of visual storytelling.

Originally a webcomic for Fall of Autumn‘s website, Liz abandoned the digital format in 2008 to stick with her home turf of minicomics. Like so many Democrats before her, Liz has reversed her earlier decision, and is abandoning her print ambitions for the story…for now (if we were of the mind to use emoticon, we’d either be winking at you, or darting our eyes back and forth in a conspicuous manner). will be updating every Tuesday and Thursday.

Quimby’s has copies of issues one and three, if you’re the type that wants the hard copy before it runs out. We’d carry issue two, but we know you like the hunt.