Quimby’s Co-Sponsors Spudnik Press Membership

SpudnikMembers2014Anyone who spends a few minutes at Quimby’s is bound to run into any number of items printed at Spudnik Press, which is down the street from us, such as Ten x Ten, 2013 Edition, A Collection of Prints and Music by Chicago Artists or Struwwelpeter by Sanya Glisic. The independent publishing spirit that Quimby’s champions is in full force at Spudnik, so it stands to reason that because of this overlap (perhaps you saw theĀ Long-Arm Stapler First Aid Exhibition: Self-Care In Zines and Mini Comics last year we curated at the Spudnik Annex Gallery?), Quimby’s is proud to co-sponsor at Spudnik. That is, if you become a member at Spudnik, you get the use of Spudnik resources (screen-printing! photocopying! other fancy printing and art-related classes and facilities!) as well as perks from local businesses including Quimby’s, Genesis Art Supply, Paperish Mess , Study Hall and more! For more info, see spudnikpress.org.