Sid Yiddish and Mykel Board at Quimby’s!

Oct ’07
7:00 pm

Sid Yiddish and Mykel Board at Quimby’s!

Tuesday, October 9th, 7:00 PM

Join Sid Yiddish and Mykel Board for an evening of reading & performing poetry/essays & some performance pieces in a couple of instances. Sid Yiddish will be reading poems from his upcoming book Our Love for Liverpool, a collaboration written with help from his mother.

Sid Yiddish is an international industrial poet-actor-throat singing-tap-dancing furby spy, made up of refrigerated leftovers. He has performed throughout the United States with and without his nine furbies & has widely published. He worked diligently as the Chicago coordinator for the Bathroom Poetry Installation Project this past summer. In his spare time, he roots out sounds on his 3 Shofars (ram’s horns), bugle and trumpet, to be in harmony with crows and furbies worldwide. He resides in Evanston, Illinois.

Mykel Board is a regularly published journalist, especially well known for his articles in Maximum RocknRoll. When he turned 12 he began to visit New York weekly with his Father, around 14 he began to visit the city by himself, during this time he discovered Greenwich Village. As time passed he began to associate with the yippie movement. He met Abbie Hoffman, Paul Krassner, Bob Fass, and Jerry Rubin. Mykel meshed well with the yippie idea of revolution through having a good time. Mykel has worked at England’s famous anarchist newspaper Freedom. In 2005, Garrett County Press published his book Even A Daughter Is Better Than Nothing, Mykel’s memoir about living and working in Mongolia.

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