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Happy Halloween!

village people

Time to dress to impress! Kids come get your candy!

A few more treats after the jump.

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Quimby’s Top Ten Best Sellers For the Week of Oct 21st – Oct 27th, 2007

Lottery Winner

1. Believer #48 Oct 07 $8.00
2. Caboose #7 $1.00
3. Bust Oct/Nov 07 $4.99
4. Giant Robot #50 $4.99
5. World War Z (soft cover) by Max Brooks (Three Rivers Press) $14.95
6. Punk House by Abby Banks (Abrams) $27.50
7. Phonebook 2007 2008: Annual Directory for Alternative Artspaces $10.00
8. Fetish Bubblegirls Worldwide Bubblegirls Photograffitis by Tilt (Publikat) $24.95
9. Venus #33 Fall 07 $4.50
10. Juxtapoz #82 Nov 07 $4.99

New Stuff October 28th!!!

Not only did a whole new crop of Picture Box and Upper Playground books land in the store this week, but the much in demand Slingshot planners also pulled up a hot seat behind the counter. Also Anne Elizabeth Moore’s new book about advertising tactics is here and the Veganomicon has just been published for all your Vegan eating needs So now’s the time to get your goods and maybe pick up that hot book before its sold out this holiday season!!
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2008 Slingshot Organizer

2008 Slingshot

The 2008 Slingshot Organizers have arrived. Radical activists, begin planning your world now!

Julia Wertz signs Fart Party at Quimby’s!

Nov ’07
8:00 pm

Julia Wertz signs Fart Party at Quimby’s!

Saturday, November 24th, 8:00PM

The Fart Party collection published by Atomic Books is available now. The book includes the 80% of comics NOT posted on the internet, interviews, funny fan letters and never before seen illustrations; plus a funny intro by Peter Bagge. Don’t buy it for yer mom.

Check out Fart Party online:

Julia is 24 and never went to art school, but she does have a bullshit BA that she will never use. Despite the fact that she is often angry and overreacting in her comics, in reality, her backwoods upbringing & hippie parents provided her with a healthy dose of west coast mentality that also cause her to still use words like “rad” “hella” and “dude” and she really doesn’t give two damp shits what you think about that. She’s fond of dance parties but thinks long walks on the beach are totally gay.

Julia is also the editor of “I Saw You…” an anthology of missed connection comics being published by Three Rivers Press/Random House that is accepting submissions until December 2007 and will be out in the fall of 2008. You can buy this for yer mom.

She will be on hand to signs books and get drunk.