Works Cited Photo Funnies at Quimby’s!

Oct ’07
7:00 pm

Works Cited Photo Funnies at Quimby’s!
Thursday, October 18th, 7:00 PM

Come visit the Works Cited Photo Studio. Have your photo taken, and then defaced, middle school-style by the creators of Works Cited. During the hour, your photo, along with all your friends’ photos, will be arranged and compiled in a mini-yearbook of all the Quimby’s faithful. The end result will be a portrait of yourself for you to take home, fully defaced in thick ink lines and moderately inappropriate captions. Every entry will be compied into an online yearbook posted on the Eye Rocket website.

Artist zine WORKS CITED #1 By Zach Huelsing and Matt Kessler is limited to 300 copies. Each issue features a hand-drawn cover. Inside the zine, you’ll find a collection of classroom items you might find at an actual school. Witness the antagonism of a 3rd grade rad dude. Peek into a young girl’s diary. Check out a blue book from exam day, test questions included. And learn about your masculinity in the accomplished essay, The Importance of Memory in the Appreciation of Culture and History and the Necessity of this Tie to the Past as a Bridge to the Future .Each copy is numbered.

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