Signed Book Raffle Purchase Opportunity For My Favorite Thing Is Monsters Book 2

Everybody and their moms asked us to get signed copies of My Favorite Things Is Monsters Book 2 by Emil Ferris since we were the bookseller at her event at the library on Wednesday. (Missed the event? Wanna watch it? It ruled. You can watch it here,) Guess what? We were only able to get 7 signed copies because the line of fans to get their books signed with Emil was immense.
So here’s what we’re doing — we are raffling off opportunities to buy a signed copy. If you win the raffle, we’ll hold the book for you for one week. You come in and buy it. Read: we are NOT raffling off a free copy of the book. We are raffling off us holding a signed copy of the book that you have to come in and buy.
These are the terms so read them:
-We will do the raffle on the New Stuff Saturdays Livestream 11:30am CT on Instagram (on Saturdays, duh), until all the signed books are sold, starting Saturday, June 15th.
-You get to enter once. Give someone else a chance, friends.
-This raffle is for in-store stuff only. You must buy the book in the store. Not mail order. You must come in to the store to pick it up. We’re not going to send this book in the mail. You cannot enter on the phone or via email. Make this easy for us, please.
-You have to come into the store and buy something to enter in the raffle where you will fill out a raffle form legibly.
-We are closed Tuesdays and Wednesdays, so don’t come then. We’ve been closed on those days for 4 years and it’s listed everywhere. Get over it!
-We will not answer questions about this on social media or phone calls. Do not DM us. Do not contact store employees directly through their personal social media or DMs or phone calls. BOUNDARIES, PEOPLE!
-If your week elapses before you buy it, that’s on you. That opportunity to buy that book gets put back into the raffle.
As Miko’s Italian Ice would say, “No crybabies.”
*IN-STORE only.
*Buy Something.
*Fill out a raffle form.
*Watch the Saturday Livestream.
*If your ticket gets called you get a week to buy the book.