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So You Wanna Unionize #1 Starbucks Workers United Chicago Greektown Store 11719 issues #1-#3 by Lillie Elling and Russell Dahlman, $15 each

From Wonderlla Printed/Fiddler’s Green:
Fellow That Goes Alone: An Essay on Walking by Kenneth Grahame $7
Ring of Truth: The Casting and Use of the Magic Circle by Clint Marsh & illutrations by Alice Cao $12

Hot Girls Guides by Maya Holman, $10 each: #1 Hosting an Italian Dinner Party, #3 Hosting a High Tea Party

Drying Out at the Movies: Six Sober Essays by Max Robinson $8

Yarn Bomb #5 $15

Zines by Lennon McCrea:
Stacks #8 May 2024 $6.66
A Little More Punk Music #2 $3

Looking at Plants: A Plant Appreciation Zine by Jam $2

This Is Daft Punk by Cassidy Kulhanek $20

Graphic Novels

Weekly Bun Life vol 2 by Jessi Zabarsky $10

From Peow Press:
Last Chance to Find Duke by Shang Zhang $16
Internal Affairs Tense Anniversary by Pat Crotty, Michael Furler & Mel Tow $17


Comics by Kapka: A Furry Stoner Autobio Anthology of Sorts $5, Need a Light (with Ari) $20

Comics by Nick Forker:
Eyeland #13-#15 $7 each
Make Yourself a Hero $10
…and more!

Comics by Frankie Lyne:
Damn It I Want to Fuck My Own Cartoon $2
Mimi by Frankie Lyne $24.99

Music & Film Books

Depeche Mode’s 101 by Mary Valle (33 1/3 Series vol 183) $14.95

The Crow: The Life, Death, and Rebirth of a Classic Film (Revised) by Bridget Baiss $27.95

Essay(ish) Books

A Last Supper of Queer Apostles : Selected Essays by Pedro Lemebel, edited by Gwendolyn Harper $18

Fiction Books

Shy: A Novel by Max Porter $16

Perfume and Pain: A Novel by Anna Dorn $18.99

Dreamers Pursuit of a Self Referentiality by SR $16.50

Book of Distance by Terrin Winkel & friends $24.50

Consciousness Expansion

Psychedelic Revival: Toward a New Paradigm of Healing by Sean Lawlor (Sounds True) $21.99

Other stuff:
More stickers from Silver Sprocket!
Stickers & pins from Tender Ghost!