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Kevin Hooyman

2200AD Poster

The 2200AD Poster just came in from Kevin Hooyman. His self published books Language Change and Themes of the Day have been constant sellers and for good reason not only can he draw but the writing has a nice mix of humor, wit and melancholy. He also just did the new !!! album cover, and while I can honestly say I have a love hate feeling towards their music, I bought the new album on record just for his amazing full color art work, each record is even in beautiful full color sleeves. So check him out and come by the store and get one these posters before they are gone-they are signed and numbered too!

New Stuff 3/23/07


Good batch of zines this week and tons of new Goliath arty porn photo books with everything from boys in leather to busty strippers sayin’ cheese. Mitch O’Connel will be in the house tonight, come check him out and peep the new ish.
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Chris Ware animation preview!


Here’s a taste of some Chris Ware animation from the premier of the TV version of This American Life. (via Fantagraphics’ Blog)

R. Crumb’s Underground

crumb-68.jpg, originally uploaded by Buenaventura Press.

Alvin Buenaventura has posted a great set of photos taken at the opening of a massive Robert Crumb retrospective at the Yerba Buena Center for the Arts in San Francisco. Check it out!

Lustin’ for Justin’

Justin B. Williams is a cool dude, who landed in Chicago a while back. He has started this nice blog with all kinds of pics of his weirdo drawings and installations that are worth checking out. Maybe if he remembers he will bring us more of his zine too.

check it out