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More Search Engine Terms

Search Engine Terms

“Gee whiz, Google didn’t have any good hits for cornhole… Maybe I’ll have better luck if I try searching for corn and hole.”

Michael Kupperman cartoon on SNL

Sitting at home alone on a Saturday night. Watching SNL and feeling sorry for myself. And then a lightening bolt of laffs crashed through the TV screen. No, it wasn’t the Musical Guests Linkin Park. Something else entirely…

Postering Rules

The Rules of the Game

The time has come. We got sick of having to go through a big speech every time someone comes in and wants to hang their flyer or poster. We are proud to present an attractive list of rules that we can just refer people to in that area of the store. We have actually used the phrase, “Sir, if you can’t follow the rules in the pink frame then you can’t hang your poster here.”

The Return of Ronald Thomas Clontle

RTC on Johnny Cash:

It’s often forgotten that the Man Dressed in Black was the first country singer to tackle taboo subject matter. Look no further than “Sunday Morning Coming Down” — Cash’s recounting of an acid trip that ends in a chainsaw murder. 1957’s “Ballad of a Teenage Queen” is, as far as I know, the first song documenting the everyday trials and tribulations of a lowly transvestite. I’m looking forward to hearing what this national treasure serves up next.