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Personal best.

I can do it

Guess that weed goal hasn’t worked out so hot. More after le jump.

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More Search Engine Terms

Search Engine Terms

“Gee whiz, Google didn’t have any good hits for cornhole… Maybe I’ll have better luck if I try searching for corn and hole.”

New Stuff 5/12/07

Oh, the new stuff can cause so much confusion.
Overheard from a group of shoppers around our new table:

Girl 1: (points to a copy of Young Peoples History of the United States by Howard Zinn) Wow! this is interesting. Have you ever read Zinn?
Girl 2
: Ehh, Zinn! Worst ever! I hated him. Some teacher made us read Zinn [sic] and the art of Motorcycle Maintenance. It was horrible!
Girl 1
: What are you talking about?
Girl 2: What are you talking about?
(group of girls exchange confused and dismayed looks)

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