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Quimby’s Welcomes Four Midwest Authors: Berg, Fouts, Krecklow, & Tanzer 8/25

Aug ’17
7:00 pm

Four Midwest Authors to Read From Their Most Recent Work at Quimby’s 8/25:
Berg, Fouts, Krecklow, & Tanzer Converge in Chicago

In Lee L. Krecklow’s debut novel The Expanse Between when former writer and social recluse Thomas Stone witnesses through his window a violent fight between his neighbor and her boyfriend, the scene ignites memories that, years earlier, inspired his only celebrated novel.

With Seth Berg’s Aviary, written with Bradford Wolfenden II, two poets enter, one voice exits. Collaborative poetry is a conversation and when it’s done right it feels both unique to the individual poets and a comfortable fit with their solo work.

From Ben Tanzer comes a memoir about one of life’s true complexities: being cool. Written in touching vignettes, like snapshots of history, Tanzer eloquently illuminates his past with humor and resolve. Be Cool is a confession to a generation of readers, done so with acute precision and utmost trust.

Seth Berg is a hatchet-wielding forest-dweller who digs tasty hallucinatory literature. His second book, Aviary, was released by Civil Coping Mechanisms in January of 2017.

Tasha Fouts poems have appeared in Salt Hill, Bateau, and Birds Piled Loosely. She currently co-hosts the Soundcloud podcast Adventures in Television.

Lee L. Krecklow is the author of The Expanse Between (Winter Goose Publishing, 2017). He won the 2016 storySouth Million Writers Award for his story The Son of Summer and Eli.

Ben Tanzer is the author of the newly released book Be Cool – a memoir (sort of), among others. He also oversees the lifestyle empire This Blog Will Change Your Life.

Here’s the Facebook invite for this event!

Fri, Aug 25th 7pm – Free Event