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Quimby’s Welcomes Four Midwest Authors: Berg, Fouts, Krecklow, & Tanzer 8/25

Aug ’17
7:00 pm

Four Midwest Authors to Read From Their Most Recent Work at Quimby’s 8/25:
Berg, Fouts, Krecklow, & Tanzer Converge in Chicago

In Lee L. Krecklow’s debut novel The Expanse Between when former writer and social recluse Thomas Stone witnesses through his window a violent fight between his neighbor and her boyfriend, the scene ignites memories that, years earlier, inspired his only celebrated novel.

With Seth Berg’s Aviary, written with Bradford Wolfenden II, two poets enter, one voice exits. Collaborative poetry is a conversation and when it’s done right it feels both unique to the individual poets and a comfortable fit with their solo work.

From Ben Tanzer comes a memoir about one of life’s true complexities: being cool. Written in touching vignettes, like snapshots of history, Tanzer eloquently illuminates his past with humor and resolve. Be Cool is a confession to a generation of readers, done so with acute precision and utmost trust.

Seth Berg is a hatchet-wielding forest-dweller who digs tasty hallucinatory literature. His second book, Aviary, was released by Civil Coping Mechanisms in January of 2017.

Tasha Fouts poems have appeared in Salt Hill, Bateau, and Birds Piled Loosely. She currently co-hosts the Soundcloud podcast Adventures in Television.

Lee L. Krecklow is the author of The Expanse Between (Winter Goose Publishing, 2017). He won the 2016 storySouth Million Writers Award for his story The Son of Summer and Eli.

Ben Tanzer is the author of the newly released book Be Cool – a memoir (sort of), among others. He also oversees the lifestyle empire This Blog Will Change Your Life.

Here’s the Facebook invite for this event!

Fri, Aug 25th 7pm – Free Event

Ben Tanzer and Jonathan Travelstead read from The New York Stories and How We Bury Our Dead With Zoe Zolbrod and Seth Berg 7/7

Jul ’15
7:00 pm

nystoriesbeerIn 2006, celebrated author Ben Tanzer began working on a series of short stories all set in the fictional upstate New York town of Two Rivers, most of them published in various literary journals over the years and eventually collected into the three small volumes Repetition Patterns (2008), So Different Now (2011), and After the Flood (2014). Now for the first time, all 33 of these stories have been gathered in The New York Stories, for what is already being recognized as career defining collection.


“With great humor and the natural voice of your closest confidant, Ben Tanzer brings us stories set in our shared fictional hometown of Two Rivers, NY. With tenderness and heart, Ben brings us real people and their poignant, messy struggles, reminding us of the folly of our youth and the beauty in even our most mundane histories. Though my family left when I was small for the big city, Tanzer has given this reader the gift of a sliding door here, and I think you’ll feel the same way, wherever you’re from.” – Elizabeth Crane, author of We Only Know So Much


Winner of the 2013 Cobalt Poetry Prize for his poem “Trucker,” Jonathan Travelstead has compiled an astounding collection of adrenalized poetry. How We Bury Our Dead is a narrative work which follows a single speaker as he jumps from one intense situation to the next in order to avoid his mother’s struggle with cancer. An Air Force firefighter, he volunteers to accompany his unit to Kuwait, and, after returning and still unable to cope, he hitchhikes his way across Alaska before finally going home.

“Jonathan Travelstead maps the quest for his elemental “end points and beginnings.” Doing so, he spans topography as various as Southern Illinois strip mines, automobile accident scenes, and Iraqi battle zones. What results are narratives that bare-knuckle gut-punch easy redemption. These poems honor the dead and the dying, refusing to avert the eye from certain explosion. It’s no wonder the keenest offer “prayers” for hand tools that do something palpably useful, say, prying open the wrecked heart’s flaming chariot of half-spoken desires.”   —Kevin Stein, author of Wrestling Li Po for the Remote

Tanzer and Travelstead will be joined Zoe Zolbrod, author of the acclaimed novel Currency (Other Voices Books, 2010) and poet Seth Berg, co-author of The Aviary, the recent Twin Antlers Prize for poetry from Artistically Declined Press.

For more info: Ben Tanzer:   tanzerben(at)gmail(dot)com

Tuesday, July 7th, 7pm – Free Event