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New Stuff This Week

The Busy Beaver Button-O-Matic is back at Quimby's!

The Busy Beaver Button-O-Matic is back at Quimby's!

Here are some delightful new items!

Wild Things FUR COVER by Dave Eggers (McSweeneys) $28.00 – So plushie it makes our hearts sing.

Busy Beaver Button Pack: Instant Halloween Costume $5.00

Eating The Dinosaur HC by Chuck Klosterman (Scriber) $25.00 – New essays from one of our fave cultural critics.

Wholphin #9 $19.95 – Newest issue of film stuff from the McSweeneys empire.

Build Your Own New York Postcards $2.00 – From the maker of the Build Your Own Chicago Postcards comes a variety of buildings in New York!

2010 Calendar of Half Frame Photos by AM Scott $8.00 – Taken with a 1968 Olympus Pen EES 2 Camera in the Land of California. In addition to telling you the date it makes a great poster.

Map of My Heart John Porcellino (D+Q) $24.95 – Porcellino’s most recent collection of King Cat stuff. Wonderful!

On Ruby Hill Poems 1997-2002 by John Porcellino $2.00 – Yes, of King Cat fame. Self-published by John himself. He brought some with him for last night’s event he did here. A rare gem!

Fantasy Freaks and Gaming Geeks by Ethan Gilsdorf (Lyon) $24.95

Here Come The Regulars: How to Run a Record Label on a Shoestring Budget by Ian Anderson (Faber) $15.00

Johnny America #7 $4.00

Try State #2 Fall 09 $12.00

Pretentious Record Store Guy #2 by Gabriel Carlos Ruiz $2.99

Annalemma #5 $10.00

Art of Osamu Tezuka God of Manga by Hellen McCarthy (Abrams) $40.00

No Thanks Fuck Everything #3 Punk Fanzine $2.50

Chaplin The Tramps Odyssey by Simon Louvish

Hyphen #18 Sum 09 $4.95

Toads N Chodes #1 $5.00 by Noel Freibert – Mini comic with a hilarious name, we must say.

Rigor Mortis vol 1 #2 $3.00 – Fresh off the press. Buy it before it starts decaying.

Duva Diaries Fall 09 The Home Issue $1.00

Mini comix by Nalleli Sierra, all $1.00: Wishful Thinking #1, Illumine #1, Just Another Day #1

Scootering #280 $7.99

Casanova vol 1 Luxuria HC by Matt Fraction and Gabriel Ba (Image Comics) $24.99

Absolute Promethea Book #1 by Alan Moore and JH Williams (ABC) $99.99 – Collects the first twelve issues of the consciousness-expanding narrative. Fancy-pantsy!

That Summertime Sound by Matthew Specktor (MTV) $24.00

Peep Show: Erotic Tales of Voyeurs and Exhibitionists by Rachel Kramer (Cleis) $14.95

When Ninjas Attack by Sam Kaplan (Ulysses) $12.95 – A survival guide. Yes, really.

Mister X Condemned TPB by Dean Motter (Dark Horse) $14.95

Activate Primer 16 Stories by the Premier Webcomics Collective by Dean Haspiel (IDW) $24.99

Absolute Death by Neil Gaiman (Vertigo) $99.99 – Combines the Death story arc of Gaiman’s Sandman series. Also fancy-pantsy!

You Are There HC by Jacques Tardi and Claude Forest Jean (Fantagraphics) $26.99 – Ooo la la c’est AWESOME.

Crestfallen #1 by Sandra Sierra $3.00 – Intricately packaged tiny envelope of mini comics. See it to believe it.

OP Original Plumbing #1 Trans Male Quarterly The Bedroom Issue $8.00 – This one is gonna be huge.

Love Songs to the Dead by Jonathan Shaw (Heartworm Press) $12.00

Skeptic vol 15 #2 $6.95

Death and Taxes Nov Dec 09 $4.99

Maximumrocknroll #318 $4.00

Under the Radar #28 $4.99

Grafik #177 Sep 09 $19.99

IDN Extra 01 Cut and Paste: From Sketch to Production $25.00

IdN vol 16 #4 $17.50

Best Music Writing 2009, ed. by Griel Marcus (Da Capo) $25.95

Fader #64 Oct Nov 09 $5.95

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