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Nadine Nakanishi of Sonnenzimmer Reads From Formal Additive Programs

Oct ’09
7:00 pm

This is not another portfolio book by an artist… or at least it’s trying not to be. Formal Additive Programs, Nadine Nakanishi’s first release is an attempt to provide insight into a daily art practice and process, while focusing on the commonalities of figurative and abstract images. Formal Additive Programs offers 18 simple instructions to help the reader expand upon a singular idea, a practice that aids Nakanishi in her art-making everyday.

This book release party will also feature Dakota Brown and Nick Butcher. Brown, who wrote the poetic preface to the book, will be reading from his work. Butcher ( is to follow with a musical set, interpreting the 18 steps of instruction that make up the books content. The audience is encouraged to draw along with the instructions and the music.

Can a set of instructions be so beautifully imbricated as to occlude their own identity as instructions? Can rules for drawing be expressed in a language that eschews the visual, a language more attuned to the patterns of acoustic space and kinesthetics? Nadine Nakanishi’s Formal Additive Programs answers these questions with an enthusiastic, quiet, unpretentious ‘yes’. The title indicates that these are programs for constructing patterns. With these programs, Nakanishi demonstrates how suggestions, rules, axioms, can allow emergent creative processes to thrive. The familiar paradox is that creativity can perhaps best be conceptualized in terms of limits. The particular can find its horizon in the infinite, as long as contingency is allowed to breathe life into the project. Formal Additive Programs builds bit-by-bit, but this is something very different from deductively-arranged building blocks.  These aren’t building blocks at all. To keep things aural: these are more like building tones.— Dave Park, Associate Professor of Communication, Lake Forest College

Formal Additive Programs
Format, 7” x 9.75”,
Cover and Interior, 2-pms colors / Interior, 28 pages
Hand-printed silk-screen dust jacket – First printing, limited Edition 250

For more info about the author go to:, or

Top 10

This is Quimby’s Top 10 Bestsellers for the Week of Sept 20th-Sept 26th, 2009:

1. Granta #108 The Special Chicago Issue $16.99
2. Cometbus #52 by Aaron Cometbus $3.00
3. Butt #26 $9.90
4. Proximity #5 The Photo Issue Fall 2009 $12.00
5. Laphams Quarterly vol 2 #4 Medicine $15.00
6. Tape Op #72 $3.95
7. Best American Nonrequired Reading 2009, ed. by Dave Eggers (Mariner) $14.00
8. Zeitoun by Dave Eggers (McSweeneys) $24.00
9. Bipedal By Pedal: Experiences & Thoughts around the Critical Mass Bicycle Movement $2.00
10. Pinups #10 Scott $14.00

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Thumbs + Knuckles and The Dreaded Biscuits Zine Launch and Reading

Oct ’09
7:30 pm

What do you get when you mix 36 graphic designers, 34 writers, and 3 illustrators? The result is a double Zine featuring emerging writers and designers from Columbia College Chicago. Columbia faculty members Craig Jobson, Patrick Hogan, Jotham Burrello, Rob Duffer, and John Upchurch, the intrepid Production Manager, supervised the production of a 68-pp full color “Zine Columbia — Summer 2009,” aka “The Dreaded Biscuits / Thumbs and Knuckles”.

The Zine’s on-line presence can be found at:

Please come celebrate the eighth Zine produced since 2003, and the first one printed offset. Featured readings and merriment will ensue between the book stacks of Quimby’s.